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Excellent 100% USA-Made Bags & Packs for EMS, Crisis Management, Hospitals, Ambulance, First Responders, Tactical & Search and Rescue


"For backcountry, I don't think there's any pack that came close to it [the Patrol Padre]. We have certainly tested it - used 100+ times!" - Rik McClave, Director of Ski Patrol, Jiminy Peak Mountain Resort, Hancock, MA

SIZE: 26"h x 12"w x 13"d
• Built with supports and padding and with features of our chiropractor-recommended Super Padre backpack series, the Patrol Padre offers superior back comfort for carrying necessary gear.
• Organized specifically for ski patrol use, this bag has many great features, such as clip-in oxygen cylinder bag, and color-coded organizer pockets
• Designed with pockets that open upright when the pack is on the snow or ground, so that you can work easily and cleanly
• Fully-padded, breathable-mesh back
• 1" thick, wide waistbelt and 3/4" thick shoulder straps
• For back comfort, load-control straps, sternum strap, and lightweight internal frame
• Flexible pocket for O2 cylinder bag
• Front pocket organized for intubation items
• Separate padded bag for C- or D-size oxygen cylinder snaps inside. Please note bag size choice when ordering.
• Sturdy vinyl valve protector
• 3 zippered, color-coded pockets on pack front. Interior has four elastic-topped, open, color-coded pockets
• Three level adjustable back to fit most people from 5'3" up to 6'4" tall
• Material: 400 d. Packcloth, reinforced with RhinotekTM
• 100% Made in USA
Patent Pending

Price: $455.00
Color: Orange/Multi

Price (Regular): $350.00
Color: Orange

Price (Tall/Med): $385.00
Color: Orange


SIZE (Regular): 16" h x 14" w x 7" (plus three pockets, 2 @ 8"x5"x3" and 1 @ 8.5"x10"x3.5")
SIZE (Tall/Med): 22" h x 12" w x 7" (plus three pockets, 2 @ 8"x5"x3" and 1 @ 8.5"x10"x3.5")

• A compact emergency responder backpack, built with the same incredibly comfortable mini-internal frame suspension system as our chiropractor-recommended backpack series.
• An excellent small to mid-size backpack for search-and-rescue, first response, or events.
• Size Regular fits small to mid-size adults up to 5'6"; Size Tall/Med fits adults up to 6'1".
• Fully-padded, breathable-mesh back, 1" thick, wide waistbelt and 3/4" thick shoulder straps
• Load-control straps, sternum strap, and mini-internal frame for balance and weight control.
• Front pocket organized for intubation items, with elastic slots and internal pocket with clear vinyl window
• 4 open, elasticized, color-coded pockets inside, plus pouch for hydration pack
• C-Size Oxygen cylinder case (included) snaps quickly inside bag
Patent Pending

EMS Rescue Carrier backpack

EMT Rescue Carrier backpack

  • Crisis EMT Pack
  • Trauma Backpack
  • SAR Backpack
  • EMS & Crisis
  • Unique EMT Backpack for SAR, Off-road, EMTs, & Urban Crisis


EMT in a Bag:This unique off-road ems backpack is designed to hold the gear of a fully equipped EMT, either for search-and-rescue or for events.

The frame and suspension system are created to take weight off the shoulders and back, and allow comfortable and well-balanced carrying. Specialized pockets and attachment points for all equipment make this the perfect pack for wilderness rescue, and also for the EMT who must monitor an event single-handedly, without backup equipment nearby. Additionally, this pack goes excellently to urban or suburban roadside accidents, and is also intended for first responders who must go up stair flights to reach victims.
"I have been using the Tough Traveler [Rescue Carrier] for some time now and I'm very happy with its performance to date. I have it with me every where I go and it's seen some pretty bad Trauma incidents and would not be with out it."-- Alan Thompson, writing from Baghdad, Iraq

Size: 27"t x 11"w x 11"d Fits 5'6" to 6'6"
Weight: 7 lbs

  • Heavy-duty weight-controlling backpack system, including sternum strap, load control straps, thick padded shoulder straps, 1" thick three-piece hip belt, foam-padded back band, with breathable mesh covering.
  • Unique hybrid internal frame, designed to take weight off shoulders and upper back
  • Adjustable torso length quickly changes to fine-tune fit for different height people
  • Main pocket opens from top. Inside main pocket are four elasticized pockets on sides, and zippered mesh pocket on reverse side of top flap.
  • Color-coded interior pockets are designed to hold cervical collars, organizer pouches, ET cases, etc.
  • Comes with one padded D-Size O/2 Cylinder Bag (Size C may be ordered separately) which snaps inside main pocket
  • Many exterior organizer pockets, designed for all your equipment (radio, GPS, water-bottle, avalanche wand...)
  • Comes with removable shovel pocket & two removable belt pouches
  • Three daisy chains on sides, plus accessory clips
  • Reflective stripes to enhance visibility. These stripes are reversable on the black-colored model
  • Zippered 'clamshell-opening' pocket on rear of backpack gives access to interior water-resistent, flexible-sized tunnel pocket.
  • Kickstand allows backpack to stand independently when set down, so you can work out of it conveniently and hygenically.
  • Patent #US D599,107
  • Colors: Orange, Black


    A Great Emergency Pack

    "We have used [the Rescue Padre & Patrol Padre] in several countries now and they have passed ALL tests." -- Hans Ostrem, Medical Director, Rock International Medical Affairs
    "...A rugged pack that will take years of abuse... One of the most comfortable packs we have ever used..." --Franklin, TN, Fire Department and the Williamson Medical Center, in the International Police Mountain Bike Association Newsletter

    "Dear Tough Traveler,
    I am an Adirondack Guide, professional outdoor educator, ice climber, SAR instructor, civilian and military SAR Team member and a member of Power Bar Team Elite. I am an active guy. I decided to upgrade what I was using as a SAR pack and I saw your RESCUE PADRE at a homeland security show in Albany, NY. I could not believe the construction and detail of the pack! After having a couple of packs see double and triple duty for many years, I decided that I really needed to have a pack just for SAR. Finally, I drove to Schenectady and bought a RESCUE PADRE pack.

    The pack has been on many searches now and tossed in and out of the back of my Jeep more times than I can remember. It carries everything I need and wears like iron. I constantly get comments on the pack and when someone else tries it on or takes a good look at it, they always have great things to say about it. It used to be just my old school leather climbing boots my friends would covet. Now I have to keep a watchful eye on my Tough Traveler SAR pack too! I am always kidding my friends about their "Gucci Gear" when they get something new or cutting edge. Now I have my own piece of "Gucci Gear"!


    John Neeley
    DEC Lic#3366

    SIZE: 24" h x 12" w x 8" d" (plus three pockets, 2 @ 8"x5"x3" and 1 @ 8.5"x10"x3.5") - 2840 cu"
    • Built with supports and padding and with features of our chiropractor-recommended Super Padre backpack series, the Rescue Padre offers superior back comfort for carrying necessary gear. Organizable pockets, excellent workmanship, and premium materials make this a great backpack for search-and-rescue and first response. Fits average to tall individuals, and has adjustable back-length, with an excellent suspension and support system.

    • Fully-padded, breathable-mesh back
    • 1" thick, wide waistbelt and 3/4" thick shoulder straps for superior support.
    • Load-control straps, sternum strap, and curved-rod internal frame for balance and weight control.
    • Aluminum stay in back aids adjustment, controls larger loads, and increases comfort
    • Front pocket organized for intubation items, with elastic slots and internal pocket with clear vinyl window
    • Interior features four open, color-coded pockets with elastic tops
    • Main pocket is large enough for C-size oxygen cylinder
    • Exterior zippered padded pocket on one side, and open padded radio pocket on the other side exterior
    • Three level adjustable back to fit most people from 5'3" up to 6'4" tall
    • Generous lower-level zippered pocket keeps weight well-balanced. Optional mesh closure of lower-level pocket allows damp items to be ventilated
    • Internal pouch for your hydration pack
    • Clear vinyl window on front for identification/information tag
    • Drawstring top opening with water-resistant hood
    • Reflective tape to aid in night searches
    • Made in USA using premium workmanship and materials, including water-resistant 400 d. packcloth, YKK zippers, and heavy-duty webbing
    Patent Pending

    Price: $385.00
    Color: Orange

    Task Force Tier I Backpack
    Click on image to expand


    A specialized ensemble gear storage backpack. Durable and well-made, backpack features a unique organization to allow proper storage & rapid access to equipment. Designed to carry Task Force items, but also may be used for other items where mobility, organization, quick access, and dependability are sought.
    Size: Body: 17"h x 12.5"w x 4"d Rear Pocket:10"h x 8"w x 6"d


    • Back exterior pocket Rapid Access™ bottom closure with pull-cord, designed for quick access of contents.
    • Flat open pocket on inside back, with elastic straps to hold items in place.
    • Foam-padded back and bottom.
    • Thick padded shoulder straps, with easy adjustments for different sizes.
    • Shoulder straps feature quick-release buckles, so pack may be removed quickly.
    • Double-zipper opening on main pocket, with pull cords to allow quick and easy access to contents
    • Reflective patches can be concealed or exposed in a moment
    • Material: 1,000 d. Cordura®
    • Top of exterior pocket has 4" x 8" Velcro® loop to receive optional signage
    • Optional reflective "Police," "Fire," or "EMS" signs for attaching to Velcro® are available upon request
    • 100% Made in USA
    Price: $245.00
    Color: Black

    SIZE: Regular: Fits Adults 5'1" - 5'8" (24" h x 24"w)
    Large: Fits Adults 5'7" - 6'5" (22" h x 22"w)

    Unique ensemble gear storage vest! Bottom-opening back pocket allows rapid deployment of contents, front pockets for easy-to-get-to organization. Makes a great motorcycle bag - the cinch straps hook onto back rack, and you can put your jacket, rain-gear, etc. in the easy-access bottom opening pocket. Features:
    • Exterior pocket (rear) Rapid Access™ bottom closure, with pull cord, designed for quick access of contents
    • Horizontal pocket on back, opening at both ends
    • Two pockets on front
    • Reflective strips which can be concealed or exposed in a moment
    • Velcro loop on back, for optional patches
    • Easy to put on and adjust with quick-release buckles
    • All pockets secure with heavy-duty Velcro®
    • Material: 400 d. packcloth with YKK Zippers
    • Patent #US D526,468 S

    Price (Size Regular): $262.00
    Color: Black

    Price (Size Large): $275.00
    Color: Black

    Click on image to expand

    Task Force Tier I Vest Front

    Please contact us for Quantity Pricing

    For non EMT-specific backpacks, see our standard backpacks page

    All our Re-Med bags may be available at quantity & organization discounts. We are also able to customize bags with a clear ID window, with your patch, silkscreened or embroidered logo, or with other custom requests. Just call us at 1-800-GO-TOUGH to discuss our many options!

    Please let us know if you need a technical bid specification for any product.

    Note to government purchasers: Many government purchases require absolute basic items! If you do want our excellently-made durable products, please allow us to quote prices for our simplest items that will meet your needs! We are happy to supply our superb designs, but we also would like the opportunity to provide our basic models.

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