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Tough Traveler is an

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Tough Traveler has been making great computer bags since the beginning of laptops! Our popular Gombac has been a great favorite (some designs are too good to change much)! We also have some very useful new designs. From our large computer bag, the Wedge, to our smaller Laptop Inserts (which can be carried independently or inside another bag), to little padded or fleece-lined bags perfect for smart phones and e-readers, we have excellent bags and pouches for personal electronics!

"Have owned one of your back packs and two brief cases for years and they wear like iron, wash well, and still look new! Thanks for GREAT products. " -
B.J. Cunningham, Rochester, NY


Our wonderful Computer Bag/Backpack. Can be carried by shoulder strap or as a backpack.

Size: 14" x 11.5" x 7"

• The original laptop backpack! Fits almost any size computer, plus extra items
• Three main compartments: Rear fully-padded zippered compartment for laptop; center open-top 'everything' compartment; front zippered compartment with two flat internal pockets for files.
• Two small zippered front pockets under flap, one smaller and one larger (for CDs, battery, etc.)
• The padded hide-away backpack straps unclip at the bottom and can tuck away when not needed
• Detachable adjustable shoulder strap
• Heavy-duty 1000 d. Cordura material, YKK zippers (as on all our products!)
• Machine washable & water-resistant
• 100% Made in USA

Price: $225.00
Color: Black, Ranger, Burgundy, Royal

Also available with two side water-bottle pockets:
Price: $255.00
Color: Black, Burgundy, Royal, Purple, Tan


Click on images to expand

This backpack can hold computer, papers, battery, discs, plugs/cords, sweater, hat, wallet, keys, cell, glassses, iPad/iPod, book or electronic book, plus!

SIZE: 17"h x 12.5"w x 8"d

• The large TouCom computer backpack has two main compartments, one with padding for your laptop and one with room for many extra items, as well as two front pockets.

• Padded pocket has a small, elasticized internal pocket, located near the top for easy access to small items like pens, iPod, etc.
• A large elastic hold-down strap inside computer pocket helps secure a laptop up to 16".
• Pack has a grab handle and beefy backpack straps
• Four cinch straps with quick-release buckles on the sides - can attach extra pockets, etc
• One deep pocket and one smaller pocket comprise the front pockets.
• 'Loop' side Velcro patch on front
• Made of durable 1000 d. Cordura, with YKK zippers
• Washable & water-resistant
• 100% Made in USA

Price: $180.00
Color: Brown/Black, Purple/Black, Khaki/Black, Navy/Black, Green/Black, Teal/Black, Red/Black, Burgundy/Black, Ranger/Black, Camouflage/Black

Now Available with a Water Bottle Pocket on the side:
Price: $195.00
Color: Black, Royal/Black, Green/Black, Grey/Black, Navy/Black, Ranger/Black, Mohave/Black, Camo/Black, Burgundy/Black, Purple/Black, Khaki/Black

TouCom American-Made Backpack

Click on pictures to see larger!

Protective pouches in a variety of sizes and styles allow you to carry your laptop separately or in your regular backpack or briefcase.
All inserts are lined on all sides with foam padding.

LaptopDB USA made laptop bag

Click on images to expand

SIZE: 14.5"w x 11"h x 2"d
• Padded on all sides for full protection
• Closes with extra-secure lid; 4" overlap provides superior protection against slipping and double layer of protection at top
• Detachable, adjustable shoulder strap
• Dual carry handles
• Flat open pocket on front
• Cell pocket on front secures with Velcro flap
• Strong, durable 1000 d. Cordura material with re-enforced faux-leather corners
• Washable. Water-resistant
• 100% Made in America

Price: $86.00
Color: Black/Grey, Burgundy/Grey, Brown/Grey, Gold/Grey, Wheat/Grey, Rust/Grey, White/Grey, Silver/Grey

Click on image to expand

SIZE: 12"x 9"x 2"
• A great size for tablets such as the iPad, Nook & Kindle, or a notebook*
• Padded on all sides
• Closes with velcro flap
• Handles for carrying
• Detachable, adjustable shoulder strap
• Flat open pocket on front
• Cell phone pocket on front
• Durable 1000 d. Cordura material

Price: $86.00
Color: Black

*Tough Traveler is not associated with the companies that make the iPad, Nook, or Kindle

Flight Com.  American made.

Click on image to expand
SIZE: 17"w x 11"h x 9"d

•Compact but spacious size, backpack option, and padded computer compartment make this the perfect simple carry-on.
•Roomy main compartment for clothing
•Padded computer compartment
•Zippered large front pocket
•Carry-handles with hand grip
•Adjustable, detachable shoulder strap
•Detachable hide-away padded shoulder straps for optional use as a backpack
•A great little bag to use as a carry-on for plane, train, bus or car travel, as an overnighter, an emergency bag, or even just for a business day in the city!
•Machine washable & water-resistant. Material: 1000 d. Cordura
•100% USA-made

Price: $195.00
Color: Black, Khaki, Red, Purple

UC Computer Brief

Click on image to expand


SIZE: 17"w x 12"h x 6"d

• Flat zippered pocket on front
• Flat open half-pocket on back.
• Inside main compartment are two flat pockets and four flat open half-pockets.
• Additional padded compartment for computer (17"w x 12"h x 2"d).
• Deluxe padded handle
• Long, detachable shoulder strap
• Machine washable. Water resistant
• 100% USA Made

Price: $195.00
Color: Teal, Royal, Red, Purple, Green, Wheat (500 d.)


SIZE: 11"h x 8.5"w x .5"d
• A trim shoulder-carrier for your tablet, with firm foam padding to protect your electronics. Also snap off the strap and use as a case inside your larger bag.
• Two layers of 1/4"-thick foam padding
• Adjustable, easily detachable shoulder strap
• Zippered top, with dual zipper pulls
• Fully lined with bound seams to eliminate raw fabric edges
• 400 d. nylon packcloth material
• Washable & water-resistant
• 100% USA Made

Price: $38.00
Color: Black/Yellow, Black/White

Tablet Case

Click on images to expand


Compact, small backpack/shoulder bag for netbook or tablet.

SIZE: 12"h x 8"w x 4"d

  • Two compartments - fully foam-padded rear compartment for electronics and front pocket for personal items
  • Reversible reflective stripe & loop Velcro patch on front.
  • Cinch-straps on front pocket keep contents from shifting.
  • Web backpack straps easily tuck in back pocket to convert to shoulder bag.
  • Long, removable shoulder strap.
  • Material: 1000 denier Cordura.
  • Machine washable. Water-resistant
  • 100% USA Made

Price: $125.00
Color: Black, Grey/Black, Royal/Black, Orange/Black, Purple/Black

TCom Bag usa-made computer backpack

Click on image to expand

Size: 17"h x 13"w x 5"d

  • Thick, sturdy foam back padding, plus padded computer slot, make this backpack protective for your laptop, even without a separate sleeve
  • Large main pocket with sturdy double-pull zipper opens wide, to easily fit in even the largest textbooks
  • "Twin" front pockets with Velcro-closing lids make this backpack uniquely organizable
  • Reversible reflective stripe hides during the day, and can be revealed at night for safety
  • Two elastic-topped side pockets for water bottles, electronics, etc.
  • Wide, padded backpack straps
  • Made of a combination of 400 d. Packcloth and 1000 d. Cordura.
  • 100% USA-made.

    Price: $185.00
    Color: Navy/Black, Black, Camo/Black, Purple/Black, White/Black, Peacock/Black

  • Twinner.  Durable Backpack.  USA made.

    Click on image to expand

    Size: 16"h x 13"w x 7"d; Weight: 1.6 lbs

  • Designed to be the one backpack you need for school, travel, and out-and-about with your large laptop computer
  • Fully padded protective rear pocket will carry even the very largest laptops
  • Large main pocket with sturdy double-pull zipper opens wide, to easily fit books, clothing, or other items
  • "Twin" front pockets with Velcro-closing lids make this backpack uniquely organizable
  • Reversible reflective stripe hides during the day, and can be revealed at night for safety
  • Two elastic-topped side pockets for water bottles, electronics, etc.
  • Wide, thick-padded backpack straps
  • Made of a combination of durable 1000 d. Cordura and lighter-weight 400-d. packcloth, for a big pack that still doesn't weight a lot.
  • 100% USA-made. Washable.

    Price: $198.00
    Color: Royal/Black, Purple/Black, Khaki/Black, Black

  • Twinner.  Durable Backpack.  USA made.

    Click on image to expand

    Superfolio Computer Bag

    Click on image to expand

    "I received the bag [Superfolio Computer Bag] today and at first impressions, I love it ! Plenty of space and compartments for my "traveling office," as well as a generous space for my laptop, with good protection. ..... this is a really nice bag and I'm excited to have it, carry it, and advertise your company and products....... Thank you very much!"
    Mark R. Schlicher
    Carry your computer, files, and papers together!

    SIZE: 18" X 12" X 6"

    • A lightweight, computer briefcase with two main compartments, each with internal organizer pockets
    • Inside front main compartment, two flat, open pockets for manilla folders, manuals, etc.
    • Rear main compartment is padded to protect laptop
    • Front main compartment opens 3/4-around, to open flat. Rear main compartment opens across top and about 2" down side
    • Double-pull, lockable zippers on both main compartments
    • Zippered, flat pocket on front
    • Leather hand grip on carry-handles
    • Detachable adjustable shoulder strap
    • Water resistant
    • 100% USA Made

    Price: $215.00
    Color: Teal


    • All the features of the Superfolio Computer Briefcase, with additional web hideaway backpack straps

    Price: $235.00
    Color: Burgundy, Red

    Tri-Zip Front

    Click on images to expand

    Shown above with padded backpack straps (can be tucked into the back pocket when you don't need them)
    "[Tough Traveler's Trizip is a] great bag as carry on for long trips. 3 times this past year my luggage did not arrive on trips to remote places. The Tri-Zip carried enough so that I could function for the days til the next flight arrived."
    Bob Nakamura, NY

    SIZE: 20"w x 13"h x 9"d
    Weight: 3.5 lbs.

    As Recommended in Ski Magazine, Kiplinger's Magazine, &
    Our most popular suitcase is ideal for anyone who likes to pack light and compactly - and especially great for business travelers! With a layout that has been recommended in major publications such as Kiplinger's Magazine, quality workmanship & materials, and an amazingly comfortable & versatile carrying system, this is the best carry-on on the market!


    • The largest size you can take as a carry-on on most airlines (and it only weighs 3.5 lbs)!
    • Three compartments, all with side-wall padding, to keep your clothing and personal items organized and neat
    • Full-size flat front pocket for small items such as tickets & passport, etc.
    • First main compartment has padded section for laptop computer, files, important items, etc. This will also fit a completely removable laptop case - use your own, or visit our laptop inserts.
    • Large rear section features cinch straps to hold your clothes down and keep them from shifting during travel.
    • Detachable, adjustable shoulder strap, and with carry-handles with leather handgrip.
    • Converts to a backpack! The thick padded backpack straps tuck away in a zippered pocket when not needed.
    • Supportive stays in back & removable waistbelt strap for carrying comfort when used as a backpack
    • Hand-crafted in the USA wth superb workmanship and the highest quality domestic materials: heavy-duty 1000 d. Cordura«, and heavy-duty YKK« zippers
    • Machine Washable & water-resistant
    As recommended by Doug Dyment - travel expert of One

    Price: $425.00
    Color: Black, Ranger, Khaki, Red, Camoflage(Not Shown), Burgundy, Royal/Tan, Peacock


    Large convertible laptop-backpack

    Size: 17" x 13" x 6"

    • Three main compartments: Rear fully-padded, zippered compartment; center open-top 'everything' compartment; front zippered compartment with a flat internal pocket for files.
    • Small zippered front pocket under flap, for small accessories such as flash drives.
    • One elastic-top side water bottle pocket
    • The padded hide-away backpack straps unclip at the bottom and can tuck away when not needed
    • Detachable adjustable shoulder strap
    • 1000 d. Cordura material, YKK zippers
    • Machine washable & water-resistant
    • 100% Made in USA

    Price: $195.00
    Color: Royal, Orange, Black

    Click on images to expand!

    SIZE: 21"h x 13.5"w x 6"d (1700 cu")
    WEIGHT: 6.8 lbs

    • A completely convertable rolling suitcase/backpack
    • Expandable handle and two wheels allow bag to be comfortably rolled
    • Suitcase can be removed from wheels in under one minute, without tools
    • Hide-away backpack straps can be tucked into pocket when not needed
    • Back area is padded, so that you can comfortably carry as a backpack without removing the wheel assembly
    • Leather handgrip and long, removable shoulder strap
    • Two main pockets and flat outside pocket
    • Front pocket opens out flat for packing, and includes several internal organizer pockets
    • Second pocket opens flat, and includes document slots, and a padded compartment for laptop computer
    • Foam-padded sides give bag shape and allow it to stand independently even when empty
    • Washable & water-resistant
    • Made in America
    Price: $565.00
    Color: Black, Purple, Khaki, Burgundy

    Convertable rolling Suitcase

    Click on images to expand

    "I just returned from my first trip using the Cygnet. It performed beyond my expectations. These features are particularly appreciated:
    1) It is 6.5 pounds lighter than my previous rolling suitcase, 2) it conforms to the shape of the aircraft overhead bin so that I can place it crosswise (wheels facing out) in the bin instead of lengthwise, allowing more bags in the bin 3) the longer handle makes it easier to wheel and 4) numerous pockets.....
    I think the Cygnet has appeal for the sophisticated traveler...."
    Richard Cheu, Jersey City, NJ

    Size: 17"h x 13"w x 6"d. (Plus large front and side pockets)

    A Large, Lightweight Backpack with Computer Compartment!

    • Very large zippered main compartment.
    • Large zippered front pocket. Includes adjustable compression straps.
    • Padded back.
    • Padded back on front pocket to add protection for any delicate items.
    • Padded bottom.
    • Separate sleeve for computer at interior back of main compartment.
    • Two side pockets for water bottles, electronics, etc. Side pockets have flaps with Velcro(R) closures.
    • Padded backpack straps.
    • Concealable reflective stripes.
    • 400-d. packcloth.
    • USA-made.

    Price: $215.00
    Color: Olive/Black, Black, Orange/Black, Camo/Black, Coyote/Black

    Trekcom.  Durable Backpack.  USA made.

    Click on image to expand

    A compact bag for electronics accessories, with just a little extra protection

    SIZE: 9"w x 7.5"h x .5"d; WEIGHT: 1 oz
    • Made of soft, lightweight tricot foam to protect electronics accessories without extra bulk or weight
    • Clear vinyl window on the front holds business-card size label, so you can quickly note contents
    • Full length, sturdy zipper curves slightly down the sides for easier access
    • 100% USA Made

    Price: $56.00
    Color: Black/Tan

    Battery Charger Bag

    Click on images to expand

    Made in USA backpack


    SIZE: 16"h x 12"w x 6"d (1100 cu. in.)
    SIZE (TALL): 20"h x 12"w x 6"d (1400 cu. in.)
    MATERIAL: 400 Denier Packcloth

    •This tapered backpack narrows in all 3 dimensions to present a slim profile
    • Great for school, work & biking
    •Interior padded pocket for a small electronic item (such as an eReader, etc.)
    • Foam-padded back increases stability and keeps sharp items from poking into your back
    • Provides extra back support with a sternum (chest) strap to ease shoulder strain
    • Sturdy, comfortable foam padded backpack straps
    • Web waistbelt
    • Large flat front pocket is ideal for a hydration pack, or for storing small items
    • Machine washable. Water-resistant.
    • 100% Made in USA

    Size Regular:
    Price: $185.00
    Color: Grey/Navy, Slate/Tan

    Size Tall:
    Price: $215.00
    Color: Green, Teal, Purple, Orange


    Size: 5.5"x4.5"x3"

    A small padded pouch, great for lunch, cameras, binoculars, electronics, medical gear, and other small, important items Can fit some eReaders!
    •Can be carried in a larger bag
    •Padding provides insulation - makes a great lunch box
    •Machine washable. Water-resistant
    •Made of heavy-duty packcloth nylon. Also available in 1000 d. Cordura (choose when selecting color)
    •Available with either Belt Loops on back or Removable Shoulder Strap
    •100% Made in America

    With Belt Loops:
    Price: $45.00
    Color: Gold, Burgundy (Cordura), Grey (Cordura), Navy (Cordura), Tan, Slate, Royal, Purple, Wheat (500 d), Black (Cordura), Teal (Cordura)

    With Shoulder Strap:
    Price: $45.00
    Color: Tan, Burgundy (Cordura), Wheat (Cordura), Navy (Cordura), Teal (Cordura), Navy(Packcloth), Black (Cordura)

    Padded Pouch

    Click on image to expand

    Size Small: 8"h x 5"w x 3"d
    A great fit for the NookTM and KindleTM

    Size Large: 10"h x 7"w x 3"d
    A great fit for an iPadTM or other small tablets, keys, cell phone, or toiletries

    • This pouch can be carried alone by a lightweight (detachable) web shoulder strap, or attached to your belt, or to a carrier waistbelt, by two small web straps on the back
    • In addition to the main pocket, there is a flat zippered pocket on the front for notebook, keys, etc.
    • Fleece lined for insulation & comfort
    • Optional high-visibility reflective stripe across front (choose when selecting color)
    • Made of packcloth nylon or 1000 d. Cordura. Machine washable. Water-resistant.
    • 100% Made in USA
    Size Small - Price: $52.00
    Color: Teal, Black, Teal(No Reflective), Black(No Reflective)

    Size Large - Price: $59.00
    Color: Black, Royal, Black (no reflective, White

    Same as the Side Pocket, above, except without fleece lining

    Size Small - Price: $34.00
    Color: Navy

        Size Large - Price: $40.00
    Color: Lavender

    Pouch for Tablet, Kindle, Nook

    Click on image to expand

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