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After 35+ years of making outdoor products & luggage, and 17+ years of making baby carriers, we've received a lot of customer feedback and comments.   We'd like to share some of our most recent customer comments with you.  We even receive comments second-hand (such as, "Someone on the trail told me he loved your carrier!"),  and we are very grateful, and happy, to receive them.   

Thank you to our wonderful customers.   We hope you find the comments we've chosen important!  If you'd like to add your comment, please e-mail!

"...We also had the best backpack/ [child] carrrier ever created - it was a Tough Traveler Kid Carrier. It was rugged, sturdy and comfrotable for our kids and just as importantly, for us to wear...."
- Jennifer Stoner, Berkshire Homestyle Magazine

"Much nicer than a stroller on the hills!" - Michael McFarland, regarding a Tough Traveler child carrier

"...I still have my luggage from 1979, or 80, it has been everywhere, I still use it all of the time and lend it to friends. The only thing that has happened is the interior pockets are a bit freyed from the washing machine. You probably get emails like this all of the time, but I want you to know what an awesome product you have! Best regards" - Suzanne Ingalsbe, San Francisco

"I'm 42 and been a user of Tough Traveler products for as many years as I can remember...
[You should] tout the community wide economic benefits of buying products that are locally made. There is quite a movement towards trying to buy local products...
Keep on making the great long lasting products!" - Scott Armstrong

"I am a...long time user of Tough Traveler bags. I grew up in the Albany area and have been wearing a Tough Traveler backpack since I was in kindergarten (I believe it was a hand-me-down). I still use the same red duffle bag from time to time that I've had over 15 years. I love your products and your mission to create great durable bags made in the USA." - Andrew Giugno, graphic designer/web designer

"I wanted to thank all of you for your dedicated work on the design of our EMS Advanced Life Support medication bag. After endless months of searching for the perfect... bag, I had almost given up. But after meeting with your Tough Traveler staff I knew that I had finally found a company that could create a bag specifically for our needs.... The redesigned bag insert has exceeded our expectations and is a revolutionary method of organizing and protecting medication vials.... Tough Traveler showed us that a local business can provide a superior product. I commend you for your dedication to customer service, innovation, and quality. Thank you,"
Eric Hanchett, NREMT-P
ALS Coordinator
Waterford Rescue Squad Inc.

"Hello! This note is way overdue, but I wanted you to know how much I appreciated my purchase of the Wayfarer bag last year. I used this bag as my purse in my travels in France and Italy. I used it for carrying both my Canon Rebel SLR digital camera and my Canon A570 digital camera, my umbrella, my flight information, car keys, my passport, my money, my cell phone, my euros, my American money, charge cards, drivers license, Kleenex, lipstick, hand sanitizer, medication, hairbrush, lipstick, pens, pencils, small notebook, and two pair of reading glasses. All items were completely organized. When it was raining, I used the small point and shoot camera with the larger Canon Rebel below. When it was not raining, I used the Canon Rebel, with the Canon A570 beneath. My traveling companions were amazed at how much I was able to carry conveniently and safely. Because of the inside and outside zippers, all of the contents were secure. This system worked so beautifully in Europe that I have abandoned any other purse when I travel. I have used the Wayfarer on our last four cruises since the European trip in May 2008. I also wanted to mention how helpful the man who answered the phone at Tough Traveler was when I was wondering what purse/bag to purchase. Thank you so much for a sturdy, well crafted bag that will last forever! Sincerely, Mary Jane Koenig Erie, Pennsylvania "

"Dear Tough Traveler, I am a wheelchair user for almost thirty years and you make my life easier and less disabled. I just wanted to send a letter of thanks for all the hard work and consideration you have made on my behalf. For more than two decades you have worked with me. You modified some EMT carrier pouches so that they sling under my wheelchair seat to hold various useful items like my wallet, mini-maglite, pens, leatherman tool, medical stuff,etc. I call it my Batman Belt because of all the little compartments. You also did the same for a slightly larger pouch to hold things like a light air pump, tire levers, and a tube. The idea is to have everything that I need to function and be ready for most problems like flat tires. All the pouches are quickly removable to swap onto another chair or to take as carry-on items. I went to Paris alone for five weeks, staying in youth hostels. I felt confident that I could get around independently. If I had to, I have been known to carry string to haul my chair up a flight of stairs after going up the steps on my behind. (I would probably be that rough on my behind anymore, but the point is that I was empowered by the capability!) I have also flown to other states and have gone tent and lean-to camping. I also have your very cool apron that I use in a very messy ceramics art studio. The apron you helped me design is durable and very functional. With your consultation and materials the apron fits me and my wheelchair very well and it does a great job of keeping messy wet clay and glaze in the studio and not on me. I could not find a catalog apron from some of those disability specialty catalogs that works as well as this one. My wife is fortunately a very good seamstress and she could work with you on that apron. In short, you guys are awesome! You are very approachable and very accessible for questions. You listen and give useful feedback. Your products are durable and good-looking. The products that your business provides has had a very personal impact on my everyday life. " Denis Livsey Greenfield Center, NY

"We received our BlueLux Filly and Stallion. So far, we are very pleased with both carriers. I have back problems and have had no increase in back discomfort using the Filly. We will be using the packs quite a bit! Thanks!" Heather Schulz, APO

"Thank you for a wonderful product made in America -that's why we chose Tough Traveler!"

"Happy Dad! Safe, secure and comfort for both of us!"

"Just hiking around river valley, woods, lakes, mountains. Taking a holiday to Prince Edward Island in August. Thank You!"

"We were an hour and a half out of Ottawa on our way to a hiking weekend in the Adirondacks and realized we had forgotten the baby backpack. Luckily we found and purchased a replacement - now I can give one to my pregnant sister."

"First outing was the Wild Animal Park in Escondido, CA. It [TT child carrier] worked great!"

"We mostly hike in the back country of Alaska with our son in his Tough Traveler backpack."

"We love our Carrier!"

"We are having a BALL in the wilderness! Thanks Tough Traveller!"

"We like the carrier so well, we are looking into buying a second!"

"Thomas, always happy to be in the carrier. The mountains and fjords of Norway."

"Hiking to ancient native American Cliff dwellings in Mese Verde, Colorado, while Isabella plays with gumby doll and farmhouse rattle, attached. Great carrier!"

"Hiking in the desert with my six month old daughter. She loves it! (refuses to come out of the carrier sometimes.)"

"We take our daughter to the beach. It's perfect and she loves it."

"We take our eight month old son and our dog on hikes in the many county, state, and national parks in CA - and LOVE IT!!"

"I take my grandson on my 5 and 10K walks - generally urban areas."

"We go hiking at Huntingdon State Park, CT everyday. My daughter, Elizabeth, loves the backpack! She is just five months old but loves to be outside, just like her Mom. Thank you for a great design of a child backpack!"

"I use it every where. It's very convenient and my little girl loves every minute."

"My eight mo. old son loves being in the carrier when I vacuum. Also while walking the dogs - he'll stay in the carrier for up to two hours at a time - sleeps, etc. Wonderful purchase for us."

"I just wanted to tell you what a terrific product [the Jim Dandy] you sell. I will never buy luggage from any place else." --Dan Rozell

"I just returned from NYC, taking just the Tough Traveler bag I bought from you. I'm in love with it! Sturdy and good-looking." Betsy Dimberger, Associate Publisher, Adirondack Explorer, Saranac Lake NY

"I'm from Schenectady and have had a Tough Traveler backpack for over 20 years. It's stood up to a lot of abuse... Thanks for a great product." Matthew Cunningham, Silver Spring, MD

"Dear TT, I'm going on another trip to Brazil, and trying to decide which bag to take. After 27 years I still use one of your small bags for airline carry-on luggage. I think this bag has been around the world a couple of times with me. I also have a suit carrier ... which I got as a gift. I also had a day-backpack, which I used until a few years ago when it got lost. ... Back when I lived in Schd'y I toured your factory, and just wanted to say that your TT bags are the only pieces of luggage I've had continuously since 1981 - keep up the good work! " Greg Bouse, Greenville, SC

"The luggage/bag was the world's finest... of its kind. Never have I seen such superior quality and outstanding superior designs. The best purchase of its kind ever in my entire life... Thank you for my favorite purchase of its kind." R. Petit, Washington

"We have bought items over the years and last month got a fantastic garment bag for a gift - couldn't have been better! Awesome! Great products - Wonderful service! Thanks!!!!!" Rita & Chris Conover, Scotia NY

"Back in the late 70's or early 80's I bought a Tough Traveler camera bag. ... This was my favorite shoulder bag for many years until it finally wore out [in c. 2008]..." Jack Kramer

"Thanks for sending the samples to review - you guys make some fabulous carriers! I am including an article on the Pal'mino in the August issue of Carolina Parent, Indy's Child, Cincinnati Parent and Charlotte Parent" Michele Little,

"Thanks for the great job you did for us! The bags were beautiful and the customer loved them!" Jim Steinbeck, The Printed Image, CA

"I just wanted to say what a wonderful child carrier the Colt is!  I just got it about three weeks ago, and really love it.  So does my son Jack." Kim Chater, Falkland Islands

"Ahhh... the gig bag. There is so much junk out there that most don't even warrant a second glance. However, a few companies make some quality product. Enter 'Tough Traveler.' Made by hand in New York state, they have a whole line of top notch stuff from luggage to gig bags to baby carriers. I bought my first TT gig bag in 1986.... I bought my second one this week! For those of you who need help with math, that's 21 years! Ya. Best of all, each case comes equipped with a heavy-duty coat hanger that makes air travel a breeze...." Russell Mofsky,

"I just received the [DecoElementary] backpack and it's perfect. Great quality and design. It should last a long time. My daughter is thrilled about the clear front pocket and plans to draw seasonal pictures to insert and share. Thanks again!"-- Mary Rose Dundon

"I was a Marine serving in Beirut, Lebanon, during Christmas 1983, and received a [Tough Traveler] shaving kit from the kind people of Schenectady. It is an item that I treasure and have used daily for the last 24 years.... Your community spirit, and unselfish support of service members overseas reflects highly on your city and all involved."-- John Watts, Savannah, GA

"I would just like to say me and my husband have used a Tough Traveler back pack for both our kids.... The one we have has been around for more than a few years, it is still very comfortable, and in great shape, you make a great product. I have been stopped by people on the street telling me about their Tough Traveler. My brother just had a baby and he will be receiving our backpack next year. I recommend this product to everyone for ease of use, comfortability, obviously durability and it's a very lightweight, once again great product. A proud owner of a well used Tough Traveler" - Valerie Ibey

"I have owned 2 of the Stallion backpacks for 9 years. I have carried 4 different children in them as has my wife. We have hiked many miles all across the country and the one consistent thing was our children's contentedness to ride in the pack. Our backpacks were only used for the children when they were under 3 years old or when we were on tremendously difficult trails so they have been put to the test. I don't have a single broken stitch anywhere on either pack. These packs are so tough.... I just wanted to write and say how much these packs have benefitted my wife and my interest in hiking by letting us hike no matter if our children were very small or if they wore down on a long trail.... I think I will still be using them someday when I have grandchildren! Thanks for a great product."
Rich Clark, Santa Clarita, CA

"I work with Great Game Travel Afghanistan. We run trekking operations in the Wakhan Corridor of Afghanistan and the Pamir Mountains that border Tajikistan, China and Pakistan. I typically go with my family into the region once or twice a season. I have a Kid Carrier that we used last year with our son.... There are long days and some rugged we like be able to carry the boys at least part of the way. Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that we love your packs.... Our son, Aedan... rode about 6 hours in it [one] day...through streams and over several high passes (14,000ft). He sang and laughed the entire way. The Wakhi people thought the pack was great. You can now say that your pack has gone to one of the remotest corners of the planet and admired by incredible mountain people."
Jason Kerr Trekking Operations Director Great Game Travel Afghanistan

"...Back when I started middle school in...1979, my parents bought me a blue Tough Traveler backpack that I still use to this day. The backpack has survived middle school, high school, college (including a semester abroad in Italy) in England and Portugal, a trip to Morrocco, graduate school in Albany, my Peace Corps experience in Micronesia, and a honeymoon.  The backpack is still going strong today.  I use it every day when I ride my bike to [work], regardless of the weather....The backpack has endured rugged trips through 4 continents, and has held up under heat, rain, snow, leaky containers, washers and dryers and all sorts of general abuse for 23 years!  And I see no reason why it shouldn't last as long as I need it." - Gardner Smith

"I, like so many others who have contacted you, am the proud owner of a very old, over-utilized Tough Traveler back pack. After 30 years the fabric, every single seam, and all the zippers are in tact. The back pack has been through a lot of wear and tear, yet it functions like a brand new pack. I am amazed at the durability of the product. I have replaced my son's department store back pack 4 times since he entered elementary school 6 years ago. I'm done with cheapies that are practically disposable. He's getting a Tough Traveler."
Diana Straut Voorheesville NY

"After searching the Internet for a sturdy, light briefcase, I fortunately found the Tough Traveler website, and ordered the two-pocket flat briefcase. I needed something that would be light to carry as I walk about a half mile to the bus stop, and ride the bus to and from work each day. It had to be sturdy and professional in appearance. When I received the item (two days after I placed the order -- thanks!) I was immediately impressed with the quality. The lightness is awesome -- this briefcase weighs less, full, than the other one that I used to carry weighed empty. I can tell that it will last for many years and I am reassured that the folks at Tough Traveler stand behind their products. The fact that it is made in the USA is a definate plus. My next purchase will be some book bags for my three school-age children. Best of luck and thank you for your outstanding products and service! "
Bob Torzynski Rochester, New York

"...After tryng them out on my two young boys, I believe the Tough Traveler® child carriers to be the best on the market...Tough Traveler offers child carriers that fit basically any baby or young child and are customized to individual needs.... Factoring in the weight, size and age of my boys (and myself as "tall" person), the Stallion carrier fits my traveling needs 100%. This super deluxe, extra-padded child backpack is fully loaded with every feature and comfort you would want. My husband and I couldn't believe how lightweight this pack is.... [My sons] really liked how they could clearly see everything around them while sitting in the backpack--all was visible. This is also a defining feature for the Tough Traveler child carriers because a lot of other brands obstruct the child's view by squishing his face into the padding or tucking it behind something.... When you put the Stallion on, you'll literally wonder how your child can feel so lightweight on your back. I especially enjoy all the pockets on the pack and how the material seems so strong and durable. This carrier feels wonderful--for both mychildren and me!"
Cori Linder, Five Star Reviews

"Our 10 month old baby Schaffer loves to ride [in the Kid Carrier]! He enjoys being upright & high so he can see everything! Both Larry (who is 5'10") and I (4'11") can wear the backpack comfortably! We go to the park, use it at the mall, & even around the house, to keep the baby happy! We love it - A great purchase!"
Robin Witt, Macon, GA

"I just returned from my first trip using the Cygnet [rolling carry-on]. It performed beyond my expectations. These features are particularly appreciated: 1) It is 6.5 pounds lighter than my previous rolling suitcase, 2) it conforms to the shape of the aircraft overhead bin so that I can place it crosswise (wheels facing out) in the bin instead of lenghtwise (fore-aft) allowing more bags in the bin, 3) the longer handle makes it easier to wheel and 4) numerous pockets..... I think the Cygnet has appeal for the sophisticated traveler who reads Smithsonian magazine and the New York Times travel section."
Richard Cheu, Jersey City, NJ

"Our family grew up traveling with Tough Traveler luggage! (... we bought our first Tough Traveler in the mid 1970's). We purchased a different 'set' of colors for each family member.....The duffels, and totes and belt pouches and carry-alls and garment bags took us camping and traveling from New England to Hawaii. And guess what....!?!? I still use my navy tote every time that I travel. The stuff is indestructible. Everyone at the office ordered your bags. It was like Christmas when, twice a year, the huge boxes of Tough Traveler's stuff arrived! We were a TT family. So, much to my delight, I'm enjoying the memories of a tradition that started over 30 years ago for us."
Tricia Faraone, Rhode Island

"I want to express my thanks for your very thoughtful, practical and quick response to my suggestion re. your belt wallet. When I bought one (my 2nd) a week ago, I suggested that I'd find it helpful if a velcro strip were added to the bills pocket so that the bills would stay in place when the wallet was opened. I didn't ask TT to do that, but to my surprise and delight the wallet arrived a couple of days later with the velcro strip sewn on. And without an additional charge! That kind of personal service is rare these days and much appreciated. I look forward to buying other items from you and will pass your website on, with praise, to friends and family."
Gerald Coles, Ithaca, NY

"...I am still very much enjoying my Kid Carrier, and have also acquired a Stallion which fits my husband wonderfully. Our son is a year old now, and loves the great outdoors. Thanks again for the awesome carriers!"
Denise, Eric and Thorin Bosserman

"I [have a] Tough Traveler backpack that I bought over thirty years ago.... I was a teenager then and spent the unheard of amount of $25 on the backpack.... That backpack saw me through high school, four years of undergraduate school, two years of graduate school, countless day hikes and most importantly, through all kinds of weather. I have overloaded it beyond all reason, thrown it on the ground, dragged it on the ground, abused it and done everything to it that could possibly be done to a backpack. It has stood up to it all, never splitting a seam, never breaking down and always available. I still use it to go grocery shopping, still overstuffing it and I still drag stuff around in it. It is still completely usable and functioning. I thought you should know about your product and that it is still doing great, over thirty years later. A loyal customer."
Camille Hehn, Troy, NY

"I recently ordered the Pal'mino carrier and I LOVE IT! Its so comfortable for both my husband and I. He's 6'1" and I'm 5'4" :) We feel like we have so much freedom again to get around the city of Seoul, Korea. I highly recommend your carrier to city dwellers and hikers! I can't stop talking about it and everyone around me knows all my favorite features and I've only had it for a week! I don't even use my stroller anymore!... I want others to know how well made these carriers are! Thanks for making such a high quality product that I didn't even have to try on before ordering. That has meant so much to us!"
Melissa (and Matt and Joshua) Kolbo, South Korea

"...More than 20 years ago...I bought at that time 3 of your bags and since then I intensively used them. I still use them! They are the best I could ever have to work with!"
Alain Guillou, France

"Over 20 years ago I bought a ski boot bag and ski bag for my husband made by Tough Traveler. It is still in AWESOME shape after many seasons of skiing."
Deb Rubenstein, NY

"I had the pleasure of buying a Tough Traveler camera bag in 1978. It still serves me as well today as it did the day I bought it...Thanks for your time and a great camera case!"
Tim Kelly

"Stumbled on your web-site recently and am still using the bag I bought as a senior in high 1982..remarkable..25 years and still hanging in there. Thanks!"
Patrick Hayden

"We got the [Super Padre] backpack yesterday, and it's wonderful! We loaded it up and put it on (both of us...) and I can't believe how good it feels. Brett especially likes that compartment on the bottom. You did a great job, thanks so much."
Linda Connell, Louisiana

"We transferred [our son] to a three-pound aluminum-framed back-pack made by Tough Traveler.... A comfortable pack will make all the difference in your enjoyment of hiking with young children, and this is the lightest, most flexible children's pack available.... I was amazed to find that...the 25 extra pounds you are carrying are barely noticeable."

The Berkshire Eagle, by Andrea Goodman

"Our first hike with our 3 & 1/2 month old son Thorin - a fun time had by all, and the Tough Traveler Kid Carrier made it so easy! We are looking forward to all the treks yet to come with our munchkin. Our dog also says thanks for making such a great carrier because it got us all back out on the trail!"
Denise & Eric Bosserman and Khalor the dog too

"Just received my Citibag which I ordered just yesterday. You guys/gals are still teriffic with superior products! I will continue to recommend your products to everyone who inquires about my bags, backpacks, baby packs, luggage, etc. Keep up the good work!"
Jolyne M. Dufresne, Kennebunk, ME

"I have a red and blue Kid Carrier made by you and I LOVE IT!....I worked as a nanny for over ten years and your Kid Carriers were always my first recommendation in child carriers for toddlers. Thanks for making such a great product!"
Julia Ward, CA

"[Tough Traveler's Trizip is a] great bag as carry on for long trips. 3 times this past year my luggage did not arrive on trips to remote places. The Tri-Zip carried enough so that I could function for the days til the next flight arrived."
Bob Nakamura, Westerlo, NY

"My kindergarten child is using my high school backpack. It's in great shape & over 25 years old. I am now buying another one for my other child. Probably will last through his whole education!"
Ann-Marie Barker Schwartz, Capital Region, NY

"The Filly by Tough Traveler: Extra padding in the hip belt, back area, and shoulder straps makes this model ideal for longer hikes; its many pockets... add convenience."

"I have a Montana child carrier that has endured many, many rides from our kids.... I love this carrier. We have another brand of one also but I always choose to use the Montana."
Lisa Higgins

"This [Tough Traveler Stallion] is an excellent backpack system, it is very comfortable and my children requested to ride in it..."
Ebay Seller

"Been buying your stuff for years and it never wears out - great stuff"
Susan Hansen, Saratoga NY

"I have a Colt backpack which I bought with my first child in 1995. I have used it extensively with all four of my children and couldn't say enough great things about it. It has been absolutely amazing to use.... I want to pass it along in good condition, so she too can enjoy its quality, convenience, and versatility."
Heidi Africano, Chicago, IL

"Love your products." Jackie Krueger, Detriot, MI

"Best pack I ever owned !!!!!!!!" Richard Wilk, Bastrop, TX

"I love your pack and used the same one for both kids and hundreds of miles of hiking! They preferred to be up high and fell asleep while I walked. The pack was easy to take on a plane, and traveled to Hungry, Austria, England, and Israel over a period of 6 years. They really are 'Tough Travelers.'" Tim Kunin

"We walk the neighborhood with our 2 dogs Buster & Teva. We use this carrier to go to the zoo, parks, and long walks. Deborah Mori, San Diego, CA

"I have been totally pleased with your products for 18+ years! Thanks so much!" Daniel Piwonka, Foley, AL

"My Backpack is about 8 years old and on my third child (still looks brand new). It has been wonderful for our family, and we have even lent it to a friend to take on Europe trip with her baby. Holly Markwood, Lake George, NY

"We have had our 'Tough Traveler' - Stallion model for 10 years now and have used it extensively through five boys. We got [it]... after being dissatisfied with another pack that we bought.... It is still in perfect condition. I am taking a trip this summer to visit family and I am glad that I will have my carrier to take hikes and not have to worry about my 16 month old getting into danger or running away and getting lost. I will be able to enjoy the people I am with and the baby will be able to enjoy the scenery. On average, I carry him around in it for four hours at a time and do not have back pain afterwards. This is good because I have a bad back. Although initially the pack was a big investment, I am glad that we bought it because it has been invaluable to us and our very demanding needs." Maribeth Boyle, Manchester, MD

"[The Stallion is] Very easy to adjust between my husband and myself.  It is easy to put our daughter in/out and high back supports her head when she is resting but low sides allow full views.  Very comfortable to wear for all activities!"  Tracy Churchill, Vermont

"...It was an employee by the name of [Ron] that helped me so very much. I am tell you thank you for the information he gave me about backpacking the Grand Canyon! We had the most exciting adventure!!! His advice was right on!!! My Tough Traveler [Super Padre] backpack worked just great as well!!! Again, thank you! His advice was the best of several. I had no injuries, just some well worked muscles which shall happily recall this adventure for many years, I imagine!!!!! Tough Traveler, you are the best!" Val Lacovangelo, Customer well pleased

"You guys ROCK!! thanks for the info...I'll be sending you my [damaged] pack!! I appreciate the speedy response, as my daughter and I really miss our pack!!" Anonymous

"Count on Tough Traveler to ensure happy trails to you and your little buckaroo."

"I love your packs!" Therese Pendleton, Shorewood, WI
"Dear Tough Traveler, My children's packs came today in the mail! I am SOOOO impressed with them. I ordered 2 Campers and 1 Ranger for my children who are 9, 7 and 4. First of all, they came to Alaska in just 3 days (miracle in itself). Second of all, they are beautiful!! My children are thrilled to have packs just like ours. I am VERY impressed. I read over your web site many times, and was so skeptical about spending so much money on packs for my 3 kids. We looked at small day packs for the kids and other external frame packs but wasn't able to find anything that seemed right. I can hardly wait to try these out." Barbra-Sue of Alaska

"We outfitted our kids ages 4, 7, and 9 with two Campers and a Ranger pack. We hiked in 5 miles of the Summit Trail in the White Mountains of Alaska. There we base camped and did some day hiking (mostly relaxing and enjoying the open country). While the trip in took us 6 hours to hike (taking several long breaks). The hike out took our little hikers only 3 hours. We were sooo proud!!
All three of them carried their own loads and most impressively, our
little one walked the whole way in and the whole way out, a first for her .Thank you for making quality backpacks for kids!!! We had a wonderful time exploring a small corner of Alaska and have made wonderful memories that I hope some day my children will cherish (I know I will)!" Barbra-Sue of Alaska

"When I was 16, I bought a...backpack for school from tough traveller. That pack has been with me ever since. It survived 4 years of high school, 5 years of college, it carried all of my belongings and served as my pillow in paris, was with me in holland and england. I have travelled the world with this pack, and there is not one tear or one replacement zipper on it. Amazing.... Thanks again for a wonderful product." David Dumbrowski

"We have and love a TT Filly, the only carrier we could find to fit myself (5') and my husband (5'10"). We are now using it with our second child." Susanne Shavelson

"I've used Tough Traveler bags for close to 20 years. Still have 2...from when I lived in Schenectady.... Great bags!" Ben Goldberg, Pittsfield, MA

"Years ago, I used to buy a new backpack every six months or so on the average - and I was buying supposedly good brands, mostly name brands or Army surplus. I was very rough on my bags and I figured that bags really couldn't be expected to last very long. That was before I bought my Tough Traveler back pack. I'm not sure how long ago that I bought this bag - maybe ten years ago? I have treated my Tough Traveler bag exactly as I treated all my other bags: roughly. Somehow, it has survived all this time. I've had to change the zippers several times, but otherwise, it's been perfect." Nate Horwitz, Albany, NY

"I have tried [the Kid Carrier] on and walked around the house with my little guy in it and it seems to work terrific for him--I could hardly tell he was there--except for the hair pulling. :)" Tania Jacobus, Arena, WI

"10 years of Travel - over 2 million miles... No Travel gear has held up like 'Tough Travel' - The garment bag is the best on the market." W.P. Shannon

"I have seen your bags used in different reading programs and knew that I wanted to use them for my book bag program. They will hold up under much use, many trips back & forth beween home & school. Thanks again" Patricia Beer, Kindergarten Teacher

"I recently had the good fortune to find one of your child carriers at a thrift shop.... After using it for the first time with my 5 month old daughter I couldn't imagine anyone parting with such a great piece of equipment...but anyway, needless to say I am very glad to be the new owner of what I believe to be a Stallion model child carrier." Bruce Paulman, Pueblo, CO

"[The child carrier] was our primary mode of transport for our 17 month old and it is the most comfortable backpack, the most comfortable & well used baby product, ever, ever, ever." Virginia Kirkendall, Mount Airy, MD

"We have a Tough Traveler Kid Carrier (which we love), but the aluminum frame has broken.... We'd like to get the carrier back in working condition quickly so our 4th child can enjoy it as much as the previous three." Karl & Laura Sandreuter, Roswell, GA

"We Love our Colt, its around 5 years old.... Brianna is 4 and Shannon is two, they fight over who gets to ride...." Paul & Susan Luongo, Townsend, MA

"I've been using a stickbag, cymbal bag and standbag continually since about '95. I work full-time as a player, and the nature of my work can sometimes result in the rough handling of your products. Not even the tender mercies of airport baggage handling systems can mess with them. In short, they've performed wonderfully. Thanks for a fine product." Howard Kadison

"Noah has used his carrier in PA, CA, MI, FL & Mexico! He loves it so much we upgraded to the Stallion." Jackie Krueger, San Diego, CA

"I received my Super Padre size Small yesterday, and after trying on over 50 packs at several store, THIS ONE fits!!! I can't believe it; I expected to say yet another 'Oh well...'. I carried some weight around in it today, and didn't even want to take it off! And when I did it was with great fondness that I set it down. I haven't worn a pack for 30 years.... I am so pleased to once again be able to use one..... I love it and thank you so much for your concern for the health of those of us who wear these things!!!" Kathleen DeCelle

"'Made in USA' means a lot for me. It means the best quality and the best value in the world and jobs for American workers. It is good to still have Tough Traveler making their products in the US unlike Jansport and Eastpack which have most of their bags made in low wages countries like Mexico or Asian countries." Philippe CAUCHI Montréal Québec Canada

"In 1998, I took a Tough Traveler women's briefcase to a trade show in international businesswomen's event. I promoted the company's products and showcased the briefcase and brochures, etc. When I returned home, I put the briefcase away. Later, I got it out to use because I needed something that was lightweight, canvass, carried lots of stuff but wasn't too big, durable, attractive to use as a 'purse,' and not uncomfortable to carry. I have been using it ever since. I have tried to go back to using a conventional purse, but this Tough Traveler bag I carry is made for me. It holds EVERYTHING I need. I take it on trips to Europe; business trips to Washington, New York, etc. I am never embarrassed to be seen with it. However, at a Rotary meeting today, I looked down and realized I have been using this for nearly five years! It's time for a new Tough Traveler bag. And, no substitute for me! I'm going to go through your website and order a new one. Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate a good product when I find one." Marilyn McCall Wiles, Visiting Professor, Valdosta State University, College of Education, Valdosta, Georgia, Also: US Department of Commerece, Export Trade Representative, North Florida

"Bought the Stallion in '99 for my daughter while we were living in Korea. She (and I) loved it. Now my second was born in Italy and he will be in the rear seat in a few months. Great pack! It has enabled my wife and I to maintain our passion for mountain hiking, and has helped us introduce the wilderness to our children." Scott Martin Pisa, Italy

"I have used a TT Internal Frame pack for 13 years, approximately 40 trips totaling over 120 days and probably on the order of 600 miles. It is still working fine." Larry, Delanson

"I am a Reading Albany, NY. We are using your bags for our Lending Library...I must say our students really LOVE the bags - we're on our third year and have had no problems at all." Connie McNally, Albany, NY

"Around 1980 I made my first purchase of a camera bag for my 35MM camera equpment... It was a Tough Traveler brand camera bag and I am happy to say that I still use this bag to this day.... I sure wish you still manufactured this piece - I know of many people who would likely be interested in buying such a bag - I'd buy another one if I could." Michael Leonard

"We don't know what we would do without our Stallion model child carrier - it's the best choice for air travel because strollers don't fit through security" Vanessa Johnson, Bethesda, MD

"My gig bag is 17 years old and is still going strong. Thanks for such great work!" Andrew Arbetter, Chicago, IL

"Since I have been a dedicated supporter of your products for many years, I still have my first camera bag from 1978. I use it for fishing now... and I love the 'med bag' as a camera bag too." Dave Feiden,

"The Kid Carrier arrived in excellent conditions at my home a few days ago. Congratulations for your excellent and fast service... Perfect product.It could not better. Sincerely" Malte Crasemann, living at your antipodes, Chile

"I own 2 Super Padres, 1 large size and 1 medium, and use them for travel - both for business and for leisure. The large holds enough for a 2-week vacation, while still being a manageable weight. The medium easily carries all I need for 1 or 2 day business trips. I have osteoporosis in my back and roll-on bags cause pain when I twist to pull them or lift them. The Super Padre is so comfortable that it actually facilitates my posture. The superior internal frame fits properly across the small of my back, allowing air circulation and keeping me comfortable. For me, the Super Padre defines independent travel!" product review

"[Because] I walk/hike daily as well as needing to get about town I was really desperate for an alternative to the front carriers.... I went to the right start and tried on every single Kelty pack sure that I would find one to suit my needs. Every one of their packs has the same size frame. I am 5'4\" tall and weigh 138 lbs. quite average. not one fit properly and I know this because I grew up with Grandparents who owned an outdoor supply company and we packed all the time as kids and adults... I checked out [Tough Traveler's] website and felt immediately hopeful. Their packs are designed with your height and build in mind.... By the next day I had my \"Filly\" on my back, baby in tow! It is UNBELIEVABLE!... The pack is 4lbs 6oz, very light! It also has many more adjustment features than the kelty, so that you can distribute the weight as you desire between shoulders and hips. As far as I'm concerned there is no comparison, it is a far superior product and VERY much worth the extra 40 bucks...." Robyn Field

"I...punished some of your luggage years ago on a trec through Europe, and they are still in service today!" John Lundgreen

"I have been a fan since the 80's... I have a kid carrier - I think purchased in 1990 - and it has been without a doubt the most used baby product I have 3 boys - It has hiked throughout the US and Scaninavia and the Greek Isles and has flown more miles than most folks...." Holly Howard, Walla Walla, WA

"Love my child carrier - it's 5 years old and being used by my third daughter!" S. Lukacz, NH

"We love our pack! I do not know what anyone does with out one!" Kimberly Prohaska, Vermont

"I have a question regarding my 10+ year old tough traveler briefcase (that i love). It is well worn, but I think it is repairable..." Jim, Ballston Spa

"About 13 years ago I had three children in school and a book bag rarely lasted more than a year, so when I happened to pass a Tough Traveler retail outlet I...decided to purchase a Cayuga model.... When a year passed and the bag still looked new I purchased another, and a few months later I compleated the triumverate.... The bags not only went to school but on sleepovers, vacations and to places I can't even imagine. Amnesty International could not witness torture comparable to what those bags must have been subjected to.... Now 13 years, some minor repairs, and one zipper replacement later, and I couldn't pry those book bags from their owners hands if I tried. Maybe I'll get to buy new ones when I have grandchildren, but first the 3 they have now will be handed down.... Please accept my admiration and appreciation for not only producing extraordinarily good products, but for running your company in a user friendly and socially responsible manner. Yours is an example of how a business should be run, and we all benefit from your presence in the community." Stuart L. Balaban, Albany, NY

"I have purchased the Stallion child carrier in the Netherlands last year. It is absolutely great and we enjoy carrying our one-year-old daughter. It is definitely the best purchase we made the previous year!" Elisabeth Witvers

"THANK YOU! We love your quality." Patty Holmes, St. Paul

"Our experience with your camping and hiking equipment has been exceptional. We have tested your gear in many situations. We appreciate the quality of construction and materials in Tough Traveler gear. Our first experience with your gear was twenty-three years ago on our honeymoon." Dianna & Bobby Keogh

"I'm a huge fan of your product, having purchased [a child carrier] to carry my son around, and would like [another] to go to some very dear friends." Paul McCollough

"We have a colt & a stallion and have either lent them to or bought one for most of our friends for years & years!!" Cindi Farr, Rockville, MD

"Been to your shop love it!" Diane Byrnes, NY

"Bought a Tough Traveler bag in the 80's, still using it" Ivan Katz, New Paltz, NY

"I...bought a bass guitar with a TT case 15 years ago. I still use the case all the time, it is still in great shape." John Pino, Mt. Vernon, ME

"Own a Colt and love it!" Renee Stonebraker, Jackson Heights, NY

"Helpful!!! I emailed you guys to suggest to me which carrier to get based on my needs which I explained in detail. You guys helped us get just the right one!" Geena Peek, Logan, UT

"Thirty years ago you were a small service and custom made a back pack for a five year old. Now lots and lots of back packs, luggage, and a child carrier you are still giving us service - that's THREE generations!" Marlene Hood, Albany, NY

"I love your products and highly recommend them to everyone!" Frank O. Bogedaim, Colonie, NY

"Intelligently designed - all the little things I have been searching for are here." Trish Galvin, Albany, NY

"I was told my son's lungs were being affected due to the bookbag he was using. You see my son has asthma. My son carries everything but the kitchen sink in his bookbag. I was at my wits end. I decided to look in Tough Traveler, just to see if they made something. We found a large Super Padre which seems to fit his needs. He stopped wheezing & coughing in school. He is able to carry everything evenly distributed body weight wise. He no longer has pressure on his back or his lungs. I recommend this bag to anyone whose child has asthma." Wendy A. Nastke, Balistics Balloon Art Shop, Schenectady, NY

"By carrying [your laptop computer in] a bag that looks like a regular backpack and not an equipment bag, you're somewhat minimizing your risk [of theft]. I've found that carrying bags from L.L. Bean, Lands' End, Tough Traveler, Eagle Creek, or Patagonia are the best in terms of durability, functionality, features, and good looks.... They hold up exceptionally well when compared to computer bags. I've been using versions of these L.L. Bean backpacks for years and I love them, along with my Tough Traveler." Marilyn Matty,

"We are enjoying the carrier, my 10 month old is quite happy to go hiking in it and it adjusts amazingly between my 6'1 husband and me 5'7" Susan Barnes

"Bought backpack from you years ago. Great product!" Pamela Malsan, NY

"I have been a Tough Traveler fan since I bought my first Citibag in the early 1980s. My children carried TT back packs from 4th grade on - both lasted through college. Actually my 30 yr-old is still using his... We have Tough Traveler in all sizes & shapes - I've given them as presents. Our 'big' duffle makes annual trips to Peru & has packed everything from small appliances to a fold up bed for a baby. The new packs with the back support are wonderful! I trekked all over Boston...with one...and use it to carry my equipment including a portable studio for teaching water aerobics. My husband uses his backpack instead of a briefcase... Also we love the little extra pockets for everything from PDA's to meds & all the 'gotta-haves' but have no place for in the pocket. Also the guarantee & repair service are the best." Jeanette Gottlieb, Albany, NY

"My first backpack was an internal frame Tough Traveler that I purchased in 1978 and took on my adventures travelling in Europe. I loved it dearly - it was comfortable and easy to shelp on buses. When your name was omitted from [an article on backpacks in the NY Times] I was surprised. As I checked out the back packs they recommended, none worked. They were not big enough to carry the required weight and did not seem like they would last. And they weren't particularly comfortable. We made the trip to TT and I got an internal frame backpack (Padre series, I think) that my son takes to school daily. He said initially the kids gave him grief, but he said it was so comfortable carrying the load on the stairs that he ignores them (not easy for a teenager). Thanks for continuing to produce high quality equipment. Your efforts are appreciated." Amy S., Albany, NY

"We LOVE your products!!!" L. Tait, Lansing MI

"Congrats on manufacturing in the USA! I am delighted and will pass your web address on to my friends and family. Being a manufacturer myself, I know that it is almost impossible to compete with CHINA. That is why I founded a grassroots movement…" Francine Petrucci, IL USA

"We're a Tough Traveler family!" Margaret Jones, Latham, NY

"About 4 years ago, Uncle R. bought us one of your fine backpacks with a rain/sun clip on roof... My son has been on many adventures in that backpack. His sister is now ready to move around in the same carrier, which is still in excellent condition!" K. Farkas, Horsefly, BC

"I would like to share an important lesson I learned about Tough Traveler backpacks. Like a lot of families we try to pass down clothing items from my oldest son (now 9) to his younger brother (who's 7). Unfortunately except for the odd pair of dress shoes that were worn once nothing ever seems to last. When the oldest started kindergarten we purchased his first Tough Traveler backpack complete with his initials embroidered. He's tough on everything including that backpack (he took it to school every day for two years). In second grade he passed his backpack on to his brother in great condition...and we purchased a larger model (again with his initials). His little brother was so happy to start kindergarten that he didn't mind his brother's initials on his 'brand new backpack.' Forward to this past fall when I was told by my youngest that he did not want his older brother's initials on anything of his. We agreed that any new, larger backpack we purhcased for my older son will have no initials and he will accept his brother's 'like new' Tough Traveler backpack. Sometimes it's difficult to explain Made in the USA quailty to a 7 year old. The important thing is my wife and I understand it and appreciate it. Keep up the good work!;" Tom Nolte, NY

"I just wanted to let you know that my daughter's backpack is 25yrs old and has been on her education journey through Elementary, Jr. High, High School, College, Backpacking Abroad and Med. School! If only Backpacks could talk. What a journey. Thank you for your durability..." Lou Carol Comley

"We LOVE your products!!!" L. Tait, MI

"[The Stallion is a] really great backpack that is comfortable to wear and adjusts easily to the child and wearer..." Anon.

"We bought our Filly last year and LOVE it." Y. Narayan, Canada

"We have a child carrier backpack from Tough Traveler and are just so pleased with it - thank you!" E. Hornyansky, Alberta, Canada

"Up for auction is our Tough Traveler child carrier. I couldn't imagine raising a child without having one of these to rely on! They are the greatest!" eBay user

"We have a Colt & a Stallion and have either lent them to our bought one for most of our friends for years & years!!" C. Farr, MD

"We love your carriers so much we are buying another one after our new puppy destroyed our first Kid Carrier!!!!!" L. Taplin, Bass Harbor, ME

"I have a TT child carrier that I love." S. Sullivan, CO

"Tough Traveler Kid Carrier - Great for any activity, this carrier is easy to adjust and has high-padded sides that add extra protection when your little one falls asleep." Parents Magazine

"Love our Stallion!!!" S. Simonton, MI

"I used to work at Tough Traveler in the early 80's and I remember there always being odd sized test bags around. Do you have anything around [my] size?" D. Day

"Grew up in Schenectady (I have a 20 yr old duffle bag and a 10 yr old internal frame backpack." D. Royer, PA

"Been to your shop love it!" D. Byrnes, NY

"We're a Tough Traveler family." Margaret Jones, Latham, NY

"About 4 years ago, Uncle R. bought us one of your fine backpacks with a rain/sun clip on roof... My son, Nicholas, has been on many adventures in that backpack. His siter is now ready to move around in the same carrier, which is still in excellent condition!" K. Farkas, B.C., Canada

"We have been fostering medically fragile infants for over fifteen years. I bought this [Tough Traveler Kid Carrier] after seeing another mom's at our Early Intervention Infant Program. The majority of my babies will never walk. Your backpack has enabled them to have a look at the world from up above!... [One] truly loved the ocean within the safety of his backpack.... Thanks for making the world more manageable for our wounded little birds..." Rebecca Fraser

"The backpack [Kid Carrier] is great and Ian loves traveling in it." Christopher Burke, Northeastern Association of the Blind at Albany

"This pack [the Colt] was our savior when our child was born. We could still go hiking and tromp around town instead of being restrained from our normal pattern somewhat!!... This has taken the gang from the valleys of the grand canyon to the top of mount Jefferson and survived like a champ. Very comfortable and fully adjustable.... Tested and recommended highly!!" eBay seller 14141424, Eugene, OR

"We love your [baby carrier] and so do our grandchildren. They are 5 month old twins and both have enjoyed it so far. Thank you so much for making such a wonderful product." Rosemary Burrows, BC, Canada

"I can probably beat all the testimonials on your website. I have a small red Tough Traveler pack... I am not certain exactly when I got this pack, but I believe it was sometime in the late 70's. I believe it was after high school and I don't remember carrying college books in it either, but basically other than that it seems as if I have had this pack forever... It has been literally on many hundreds of hikes, maybe thousands. Up many, many Adirondack peaks and along hundreds of Adirondack trails; in White Sands New Mexico; Big Sur, California and many other outdoor adventures. It's been with me on a hike into the crater of Haleaka on Maui, along the rim of Waimea Canyon and on the Kalalau Trail on Kauai, and across through Volcanoes National Park on Hawaii. Probably went with me to the Virgin Islands. Definitely through the streets of Seoul South Korea and up a couple of Korean mountains. Probably also through the Tower of London and to Stonehenge. I've probably walked skied, and paddled a thousand miles with this pack. If you count automobile and airplane miles, the pack has traveled several hundred thousand miles... I use this pack almost daily. It is still completely functional and in good shape, although it's starting to show a little wear. I don't recall ever having to repair it..." Peter Newell, Glenfield NY

"I read a review in Modern Drummer a decade ago, and I finally wore out my first 'Big Stick Bag' after 10 years of use on the road! I would endorse your products anytime!" Derek Brown, Portland, OR

"This [Kid Carrier] pack saved me!! Around the house, doing laundry, making dinner and even hikes around the lake my little ones (we have twins) were where they wanted to be - close to Mom and Dad, and they were safe." Anon., Monticello, NY

"Although I haven't had a chance to use [my child carrier] with my grandaughter yet, I was able to compare its features against the Kelty and REI models on sale at REI; it has much better features and appears to be much easier to adjust and use." David Foster

"NO Aching backs with this ultra-padded, ergonomic backpack/carrier [Stallion]. When I tested out all the carriers in the store, I never expected to spend this kind of money. But the salesman told me to try the Stallion, that he had never seen anyone who tried it on buy any other carrier. And that's what happened to me - it is SO comfortable!" Anon., Spokane, WA

"My little boy is the proud owner of the TT 'Camper'...and he loves it. Already a little gear hound, he wants everything Daddy has when we both go backpacking together. He will be 6 in June, and he's able to hike about 5-6 miles per day with the day pack.... That's an excellent pack, and I've recommended them many, many times to all my friends and other hikers here in Boston area, White Mountains, and the Adirondacks...the fit is superb and he does not complain at all...." Josef Kalna, Systems Director, Harvard University

"We love the carrier [Stallion].... We've done quite a bit of hiking with it, as well as some walks and local use around our place. The real test was the Pinnacles National Monument. I felt fine afterward, even on the steep and narrow trails up the rock faces. :) Thanks so much!" Laura Mibum

"Thank you for your prompt service! I love my Kid Carrier... it was the best thing I ever bought for my son. I love using it while I am trying to get stuff done around the house." Alan

"Greetings. We enjoy our Kid Carrier, and my sister-in-law has a Montana. I use mine nearly every day and wouldn't be without it." Heather Bonham

"Many parents take the cheapest route when outfitting their kids for a backcountry experience. This can work if the interest is short term, and trips themselves are many folks cannot afford the better gear. If you intend on developing a long term interest in backpacking for your child...make sure he has quality gear that matches your own. Poorly fitting gear will destroy his spirit quickly, and kids cannot see the broad picture of 'perhaps someday things will get better'...they live in the 'now'...and if that means a terribly fitting pack or will ruin their attitude about the sport in general.... All is not really want to make their parents happy, and if you provide them with the tools to do so, it only increases the bond...and love of the outdoors, and all it ahs to offer. Be aware of their needs at all times, it will all come back to you in the end...." Josef Kalna, Cambridge, MA

"Dear Tough Traveler: Your products are AWESOME! I travel by air a lot--over a million miles on United alone. I have owned only two suitcases--both Tough Traveler. Your products are the highest quality and last forever. Thanks for making such a high qualty product." Regards, Randy Sprick, Ph.D. Educational Consultant

"I have carried a Tough Traveler O2 Mega and ET case in both my vehicles since the 1980's. In addition, I have a ski patrol fannypack which goes on outings and have O2 Megaduffels on both of my ambulances and my rescue trucks. I am a fan/devotee if you haven't noticed...." Dana Swift, BS, RN, CCEMPT-P

"We are so blessed to have your store in Sch'dy - to think that you are the one & only in the whole world & you have stayed in Sch'dy is a miracle & blessing for Schenectadians. We love your products." Pauline J. Philipson, Schenectady, NY

"I am a professional drummer, and play in a group called Mofro.... I was in possession of one of your stick bags for many years.... I really dig the work you guys do.... [and your] amazingly tough products...." George Sluppick, Mofro

"As a musician I tote a lot of music and equipment around (stands, stand lights, performing clothes), I need a really durable product. I have been buying Tough Traveler backpacks for ages; they last forever. When my kids became old enough to need school backpacks, of course I went to Tough Traveler. My older son is still using the same one from kindergarten in second grade. Recently my husband and I went hiking, and once again bought our backpacks at Tough Traveler. You make a wonderful product!" Ann-Marie Barker-Schwartz, NY

"I have MANY TT pieces, from ditty bags to large expedition luggage bags. I love TT pieces for their toughness, duribility, colors, return/repair policy, and the many POCKETS on pieces where they count. I live overseas...and TT pieces have accompanied on all my journies around the world. Last but not least, I live locally (when I'm in the 'States) and am PROUD that these things are made in the USA! I am glad to support locally made products!": Lynn Losert

"I have 5 'Tough Traveler' bags (all different types) and I think that they are considerably better than great." Paul Guttenberg

"This [Montana baby carrier] is the most comfortable one we have ever found. It was a lifesaver.... We used...until [our boys were] about three years." E-bay Seller

"Simply the Best!" Gregory Caputo, Professional Drummer

"Recently ordered the Stallion child carrier from your company, based on previous experience with another Tough Traveler product. The quality construction and materials are both quite evident upon initial inspection, but the true beauty of its design is in the long-term wearability and comfort. My baby girl (8 months) starts cooing when she eyes the pack, and simply loves the outdoor experience it provides her." Josef Kalna

"I am a repeat customer. I am replacing a 25 yr. old Tough Traveler bag." Donna Reickert, Castleton, NY

"I just wanted to write a long overdue letter to express my sincere thanks for an amazing product. I bought my big stick bag in 1990 and whether I was at home or on the road playing for 20 people or 20,000 my bag has been hanging right at my side. I recommend it to everyone I talk to and I am forever grateful to everyone at Tough Traveller." Matthew Middleton, Akron, OH

"I have one TriZip & Deluxe Kite bag - LOVE them." Barbara Pickell, Greenlawn, NY

"Can I join TT anonymous? Here is my story:

"About 2 1/2 years ago when we were blessed with our triplets we were also blessed with the kindness of others who needed to clean out their garages and attics of unused children's clothes and 'hardware.'  I did not know I had a problem until I saw the backpack child carrier.  I suddenly just had to know... was it a T[ough] T[raveler] or not.  I rushed  across the living room...and with a final dive-roll I landed face to face with the object of my desire, but where was the tag?  Frantically, and with sweat running down my brow and hands shaking, I looked for the tag.  It seemed like an eternity as I felt around and fumbled with the item wanting to reach that moment when I would know... is this the real thing or will my efforts be for naught?....

Peter Tomaszewski, Raleigh, NC Find the exciting conclusion to this tale at TT Anonymous!

"First, I love the Stallion!  I'm so happy I continued my search beyond Kelty, etc... for the BEST!"  Jaclyn Faraguna, Plainsfield, VT

"I purchased a Filly over a year ago and I love it!.... Thank you.  A very satisfied family." The Sorkins

"I am the proud onwer of your Tough Traveler Kid Carrier.   I have used it for many outings and find it to be the best there is in Backpack carriers for my children."  Gloria Looney, Grass Valley, CA

"My first tough traveller - purchased in 1977 - has finally worn out..."Leslie Cole, July 2002 (after 25 years!)

"I have been a fan of your case covers ever since using them for years during my travels with the Limeliters.  They have preserved many instrument cases for me..." John David, The Christmas Guitar

"My husband and I have a Stallion backpack for our daughter, which we love." Toni Ellingson

"I am a happy Tough Traveler camera bag owner since 1981....  I don't go anywhere without it."  Jack Kramer, University of Florida

"We were blessed and picked up one of your child carriers at a second hand store."  Janet Burkenpas, California

"I love this pack.. I've regained my sanity!"  
"We recently took both our babies (age 2 & 3 mos.) to Waterton National Park in Alberta, Canada.  We hiked Goat Trail in a rainstorm.   The babies slept through it all & woke up when the sun began to shine!"    "This will be the third carrier that we have gotten through you guys!!  We love ours and recommend your carriers all the time!!" 
"We go everywhere:  trips to museum, grocery store, lake, etc.,..." "My husband & I are taking our 2 yr. old Lex to Italy where we will walk, hike.....We chose your backpack because of the great referrals we got from all of our friends!" 
"We are touring Germany.  My son is happy & loving his backpack."

"I [received] a duffle bag and a tote kind of bag for a wedding present, we still have and use them (not so with the three electric can openers)....other than cash they were (or is it are) my favorite wedding presents... we were married in the fall of 1973"  Linda Bubb, Maine

"This will be the third carrier that we have gotten through you guys!! we love ours and recommend your carriers all the time!!   Elizabeth Rakowski

"I recently purchased a used backpack.... I really like it, as does my 6 month old son."  Denice Pugh

"I have several of your product and they have been serving me well for over 15 years."  Stephen Mose, Goshen, Ohio

"I have one of your packs, it was a hand me down....  I love your pack!!!!  It's SOOOOOOOO comfortable!"  Liana Bayles

"My sons are now 7 yrs. old, 53 in., and 55 pds.  Their Camper packs now have approximately 500 mis. on them, ranging from Indiana's Knobstone Trail to the Mamouth Cave National Park backcountry to the Great Smoky Mtns north to the entire Long Trail [275 mis.].  2002 will see us heading out to the [470 mi.] Colorado Tail, them still toting their Tough Traveler Camper packs.  I would not doubt that by Autumn 2003, these packs will have over 1,000 mis. on my sons' backs.... Thanks!  from "    

Card.jpg (99167 bytes) - Catlin Adami, Berkeley, CA

"Samantha has found a new home on her mother's back,/ We are so glad for such a wonderful pack./ We use it in the yard, on the trail or just exploring/ There are so many things that we are adoring. -  Thank you!"

"I bought the Filly child carrier through the baby catalog and have been very pleased with it." - Eliana Foisie, Westport CT

"We have a child carrier for our older child [and are now buying a second]" Kathleen Morgan, Beaumont, TX

"It really bonded my son and me...we went everywhere together.... My hands were free....If he didn't weigh 91 pounds, I'd still be carrying him!"   Clifford Mealy, Photographer, Albany, NY

"I purchased a Filly child carrier quite a few months ago, and do not know how I ever got along without it.  I previously had a [another] child backpack.....  But then I splurged and purchased your carrier!  Wow! What a difference!  I honestly think I can do jumping jacks in it, and not shake up my child!  It is so stable!  And the padding!  My family has a small cattle operation and we are constantly fixing fences.  Rachel now goes with us, and I have no worries about bending over or squatting to fix the fence.... She loves it!.... I even wear it around the house - there is no better way to keep her from underfoot when I am cooking or cleaning..... People often balk at the price, but I cannot stress to them enough, that it is worth EVERY PENNY!"  Debra Schuessler

"I never did get a chance to write to you to tell you how much I have, and am still enjoying your "Kid Carrier".  I had bought a different model, I think the "Colt", and decided that the back was not high enough for my child.   You and your staff were so kind and allowed me to send the "Colt" back...and buy the "Kid Carrier".... The "Kid Carrier" is very comfortable for both me and 13 month old Garret and I know this because he often falls asleep as we walk.  It is light and easy to take anywhere."  Gabrielle Miller

"I am writing because I wanted to express my appreciation for your company.  Back when I started middle school in...1979, my parents bought me a blue Tough Traveler backpack that I still use to this day.  The backpack has survived middle school, high school, college (including a semester abroad in Italy) in England and Portugal, a trip to Morrocco, graduate school in Albany, my Peace Corps experience in Micronesia, and a honeymoon.  The backpack is still going strong today.   I use it every day when I ride my bike to [work], regardless of the weather....The backpack has endured rugged trips through 4 continents, and has held up under heat, rain, snow, leaky containers, washers and dryers and all sorts of general abuse for 23 years!   And I see no reason why it shouldn't last as long as I need it.  Thank you very, very much. Sincerely - Gardner Smith."

"Hello folks at TT,  Just wanted to commend you on your guitar bags, two of which, one elec. gtr & one semi hollow body, I have owned for many years carting them on LA studio gigs and all over the world.  They show NO WEAR, they're just great.... Thanks for all the great use I've gotten out of these bags."   Mitch Holder

We'll hike on the trails
    as we breeze past the trees.
We'll fly in the sky
    next to the birds and the bees.
Let's go, let's go -                   
    I'll show you the way!
Let's go, let's go -
    We can play all day!
--Brian & Nan Swingle, Albany, NY

"[The child carrier is] Easy to load and strap in.  Comfortable for the baby.   The dual adjustment carrying straps make it for me.... I carried him for 4.5 hours non-stop last weekend, had lunch and went for 3 more. (Down hill.)."  Robert Giroux, Wales, ME -

"On March 26, 99- my daughter, son-in-law, and grandson were hit by a car while crossing (walking) at an intersection....  It was a hit + run! My daughter + son-in-law were badly injured but the baby (18 months) was in the backpack on the dad's back.  He flew with his dad numerous meters.   He had just a small bump on his head.  He spent a nite in Children's Hosp.   This backpack was instrumental in saving his life.    Thanks again, Olive Kern"

"I bought a Kelty...thinking it looked like the perfect...carrier...but after a month or so of not getting it to fit right (the weight was never correctly on my hips)...I tried the top of the line Tough Traveler.  I couldn't believe the difference.   It's night and day... I thought the design of the Kelty looked good... and it did, but it didn't work in practice."  -Anonymous reviewer   posting on a web site

"I thought you might want to see my unsolicited product testimonial I gave to a potential purchaser of my used Stallion carrier purchased in 1993 (?).  It is still in great functional condition despite very heavy usage over the years, although there are now some cosmetic flaws.  An awesome piece of equipment....It is an extraordinarily well made piece of equipment. " -

"Love the comfort of this backpack!" - Gary Kendib, Middletown, PA

"I have been a tough traveler since 1994 or so.  My wife and I have hefted all four of our children all over for many years.  I am a very satisfied customer."  Eric Worthington

"We love our Tough Traveler Kid Carrier.  We brag about it all the time.  It's one of the best purchases we've ever made for our daughter... The Kid Carrier makes it so easy to get on and off the "T", that's the subway system in Boston.... There are many stairs for us to climb, and in the winter time the sidewalks are very narrow.  The Tough Traveler is the perfect way to get around....  We also love the comfort of the backpack.  It fits both my husband and myself very comfortably.  Jodi loves it.  She can see everything from her seat.... We just can't say enough good things about the Tough Traveler back pack.  We feel very fortunate to own one.  Thank you for such a helpful product." - Cyndi Hibbard, Bedford, NH

"I've got the 60lbs capacity Tough Traveler... if you do a lot of hiking, it is easily justified.  We've also gone on hikes with other parents who have cheaper packs, and we end up stopping about every 15 min. because of (their) sore back or shoulders."      - Another anonymous reviewer posting on a FAQ parenting site

"I had ordered another [baby] carrier from another company and found your product to be superior in comfort and versatility, and ease of use.  -Patti Duke

"After four years of world travel with the Tough Traveler Stallion, we tested other models, and found that Tough Traveler still takes the day.  Not the cheapest (Gerry) nor the slickest (Kelty), Tough Traveler backpack components are the most comfortable and the easiest to adjust.... Tough Traveler child compartment also offers the best ride and child protection" - Review in Family Travel Forum

"The Tough Traveler had the best-designed safety straps for the child, with an adjustable shoulder and leg harness to keep even the most kinetic kids secure.  Of the [different companies'] models we tested, the TT also did the best job of transfering our daughter's weight to the hips, which aleviated a lot of stress on my shoulders and back.... " - Tracey F. Fern

"We used the [Tough Traveler] Filly exclusively on this trip and would take it again in a heartbeat over that beast of burden Kelty Explorer."  J. Ostgarden (Author of gear reviews)

"[Compared to the Kelty packs] I think your packs are far superior in overall weight, carrying load, and those thoughtful extras...better pockets, tie ons and better packability and portability." J. Ostgarden (Author of gear reviews)

"Thank you for a wonderful product made in America - that's why we chose the Tough Traveler!"

"Happy Dad! Safe, secure and comfort for both of us!"

"Just hiking around river valley, woods, lakes, mountains. Taking a holiday to Prince Edward Island in August. Thank You!

"We were an hour and a half out of Ottawa on our way to a hiking weekend in the Adirondacks and realized we had forgotten the baby backpack. Luckily we found and purchased a replacement - now I can give one to my pregnant sister."

"First real outing was the Wild Animal Park in Escondido, CA. It worked great!"

"We mostly hike in the back country of Alaska with our son in his Tough Traveler backpack.."

"We love our Carrier!"

"We are having a BALL in the wilderness! Thanks Tough Traveler!"

"We like the carrier so well, we are looking into buying a second! "

"Thomas, always happy to be in the carrier. The mountains and fjords of Norway.""

Hiking to ancient native American Cliff dwellings in Mese Verde, Colorado, while Isabella plays with gumby doll and farmhouse rattle, attached. Great carrier! "

"Hiking in the desert with my six month old daughter. She loves it! (refuses to come out of the carrier sometimes) .

"We take our daughter to the beach. It's perfect and she loves it."

"We take our eight month old son and our dog on hikes in the many county, state, and national parks in CA - and LOVE IT! !

"I take my grandson on my 5 and 10K walks - generally urban areas. "

"We go hiking at Huntington State Park, CT everyday. My daughter, Elizabeth, loves the backpack! She is just five months old but loves to be outside, just like her Mom. Thank you for a great design of a child backpack! "

"I use it every where. It's very convenient and my little girl loves every minute."

"My eight month old son loves being in the carrier when I vacuum. Also while walking the dogs - he'll stay in the carrierfor up to two hours at a time - sleeps, etc. Wonderful purchase for us."

"We use the carrier for hiking, shopping and at home. When our son gets cranky, we carry him in the Stallion. He loves to be carried around in it. And if he's tired, he falls asleep fast."

"Just wanted to let you know that I have owned and used many of your products and have found them to be well designed and constructed superior equipment can't be found!"

"We carry our daughter everywhere. She likes the carrier better than a stroller. "

"I use the carrier to do my shopping and to go on day hikes. It is a very practical item, especially for life in Japan, where it is hard to fit a stroller in most stores and sidewalks."

"We will be taking the carrier to Botswana Southern Africa for our 4 and a half year old son. We will be conducting research on baboons for 1 and a half years in the Okavango Delta so our son will be able to view hippos, giraffes, wildebeest, impala, vervet monkeys, and many more animals from his Tough Traveler Stallion!"

"We carry our daughter everywhere! She's just 6 most old but enjoys the outdoors as much as we do. She loves this seat. It's the best position for pulling mommy's ponytail!"

"We take your carriers everywhere. We have one that is now 3 years old and bought another when our twins were born. We have checked them as baggage whenever we fly and you can't tell. They wear so will that they still look like new. We would not recommend another."

"We were able to do day hikes in Arizona with our 2 year old because of this wonderful pack.. Thanks for making our vacation!"

"I am the proud owner of one of your child carriers, and while my 8 year-old doesn't need it anymore..I'm looking forward to grandchildren one dya ... and the pack will be ready!...After owning the babypack for 8 years, we know the quality of your products, and would be proud to have the dog have his pack from Tough Traveler too."   Lorrie L. Koch

"Mt. Rainer National Forest, all over Washington, Oregon, daily walks thru our neighborhood & anywhere we go!   We love your product.  My brother owns one and when our little guy got big enough we knew this product would take us through wherever we go!  Thanks."   Tracy Maddiz

"We have ten beautifully wooded acres to hike & I have anxiously awaited my daughter's ability to sit so that we can have more freedom here & at the mall.  I've had it 3 days & love it already!   Thank you."  Kristi Miller-Lee

"We use the backpack instead of a stroller with our 10 month old.  He loves the view, and the close contact with Mom or Dad!  (we take him everywhere in our Tough Traveler)  Thanks! "   Erika Smith

"My child is getting older - almost 4 - and I really debated if the carrier would be worth the expense.  She does a lot of walking on her own.  Two days after we got the carrier we hiked the Watkins Glen Gorge Trail.  I was SO glad her safe on my back instead of worrying if she was going to fall over the side.  We could all have a great time looking at the falls.   Thanks - a terrific product that older kids can fit in."  Ginny Ehemann

"We take long walks on the greenbelt along the Boise River.  Sara lovees sitting up high...We love the backpack!"  Martha Tikker

"'We are walking on Three Cliff's Beach in Southwest Walees.  Lily is laughing at the waves!'"  Wendy Weidner

"We took a trip to California right after buying the carrier.  All places mentioned ... are where we used the carrier:  Redwood National Forest, San Francisco, Marine World, Africa-USA, Arcata, Bakersfield;  Uriah slept everywhjere but in San Francisco and Marine World (too exciting).  [My} smile is from the convenience and comfort of the pack, even after the whole day."  Henry B. Horton

"Hiking in the Alaskan wilderness with our 4 month old child!  He & we love your backpack!  Do you make one for adults?"  Kay & Aryeh Levenson

"We do a lot of walking short distances & up & down stairs so not having to drag a stroller up & down stairs & to have my hands free is a great plus.  Thanks!  My son loves going anywhere he has an audience & he lovees his new mode of transportation - he has a new view of the world!"  Mary Howes

"Very comfy.  My daughter is 6 mo. old and already loves to go for walks on the trails."  Stacy Doutt

"He loves it because he can see everything and get lots of fresh air!  We LOVE your carrier and go evrywhere in it.   It doesn't kill my shoulder or back.  Thank you!!"  S.E. Shea

"An excellent product!!   We use it almost everyday."  Bruce van Pelt

"My 3 yr. old daughter & I took a 13 mi. round trip hike.  Mt. LeConte, 1st trip, Tenn. Smokie Mountains"   Greg Reynolds

"Hiking through the Rincon mountains.  Antonio's only 4&1/2 mos.  He just smiles & laughs.  He loves the backpack!!"  Alfreda Aguirre

"Hiking in the Swiss alps is a joy with the Kid Carrier!!  6-8 Hour hikes are no trouble!!  And our son loves it, he can see everything and is totally safe."  Meier-Ruhstaller

"Diane & Elias spend their days hiking in the rainforest of Southeast Alaska - watching whales, picking berries, & looking out for bears."  Diane Gifford-Antaya

"I used this carrier mostly while I was working - I clean houses!  - When she turned 20 months, my father started using it with my daughter during walks on his big day while we visited.  Now it is on loan to a good friend with a 7 &1/2 month old baby - We love this carrier!!"   Vicki Simmons

"We'll take our baby twins day-hiking in the Sierra Nevadas in two Tough Travelers, along with our 4 year old son, who "broke in" the first TT!"  T. Sonner

"Climbed Mt. Hedgehog, NH, 3,450 elevation!  Babe - 4 moths old - did great!"

"Jaya & I like to hike the rim of Crater Lake in Oregon."

"Hiking in Estes Park, Colorado."


"1st time in pack eyes of Dad & Baby were filled with joy & wonder & smiles went from ear to ear.  I'm sure we'll go everywhere!"

"The Colt, 8 yrs. and 3 kids later, is still in great shape and ready for more use!  Thanks for the wonderful product and exceptional customer service."

"We walk to a creek near our house so Sean can throw in rocks and watch them splash.  We wlak through the fields on our way back, stopping to pick up the mail.  Shopping is much easier with Emily in the pack.  Emily, 11 mos., is safe & secure in her new backpack! ... "

"The west coast of Sweden ...blueberries.... (with my) grandchild"

"I chose (Tough Traveler) over the others for the fit, the build, & the sun shade (awesome)!  Thank you for making a comfortable way for my 10 month son & I tp see the WORLD.  We do it all from washing dishes to visiting Half Dome this summer."

"Our child is six months old and loves to ride everywhere in her carrier.  Just walking around the store where we purchased the carrier she screamed with excitement!!  We take her for walks, hikes, shopping, and anywhere else we need to carry her.  People we pass laugh at her screams and laughter."

"We marched in a 4th of July parade in the "Westie Marching band" - about 25 small white terriers wearing flags and barking out a "tune!"  It was Pip's first long ride in the carrier, and he was happy as a clam.  So was I!"  Anne Serles (& 9 mo. old Pippin)

"To Iceland"

"Menommonie's Winter Carnival horse & cutter parade"

"We will go to New Zealand for hiking & we sure will have fun!"

"We are walking about in the west of Cyprus, with great fun!  The carrier is comfortable and a great help."

"(We) go out on walks together, strolling the hills behind our house.  Perhaps a trip into the Blue Mountains is in order for this year!  Excellent product!!"__________________________________________________________________

...more will be put on later - again, we thank our wonderful customers......

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