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FANNY PACKS: Tough Traveler's USA-Made Hip Packs, Waist Packs, and many assorted Belt Pouches help people who want to carry items with them, ready to user, and hands-free! From hiking to out-and-about museum days and shopping, Tough Traveler Hip Packs, Waist Packs, and Belt Pouches please people widely!

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SIZE: 9"w x 8"h x 3.75"d
Weight: 4 oz

• A lightweight, sturdy waist pack with a deep-bottomed main compartment, sized to accommodate a wallet, sunglasses, reading glasses, small papers, etc.
•Can be used as waist pack or small, quick shoulder bag
• Long, easy-to-adjust waistbelt, with side release buckle attachment, fits up to 46" waist
• Main pocket zipper runs 3/4 of the way around the top, allowing top to be opened like a lid for total access to your important items!
• Flat zippered pocket on front ideal for keys, notes, etc.
• Full-width flat open pocket on back
• Sturdy, lightweight packcloth material
• Machine washable & water resistant
• 100% made in USA

Price: $56.00
Color: Black, Natural, Royal, Teal, Yellow, Camouflage, Grey, Navy, Burgundy, Tan, Red/White/Navy, Gold/Black, Teal/Black, Red/Black, Navy/Black, Royal/Black, Grey/Black, Burgundy/Black, Green/Black, Gold Diamond

Sidekick Fanny Pack

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Hip Pack Fannypack, belt pack, belly bag, hip sack, waist bag, hip pack, bum bag, moon bag, belted satchel, fanny pack

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SIZE: 9"w x 5"h x 3.5"d

• A lightweight, wide-opening fanny pack
• Long, easily-adjustable belt, with quick-release buckle
• Main pocket zipper is full-width, for best access, with lockable double pulls so you can leave the zippers positioned where you prefer!
• Small zippered pocket on front
• Convenient for money, notes, etc.
• Sturdy, lightweight packcloth material
• Machine washable & water resistant
• 100% made in USA

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Price: $56.00
Color: Navy, Royal, Teal, Natural, Yellow, Red/White/Blue, Teal/Black, Royal/Black, Grey/Black, Green/Black, Burgundy, Burgundy/Black

Hip Pack Deluxe Fannypack, belt pack, belly bag, hip sack, waist bag, hip pack, bum bag, moon bag, belted satchel, fanny pack

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SIZE: 9"w x 5"h x 4"d

• Compact waist pack with large main pocket, small front pocket, and organizer back pocket
• Long, easily-adjustable belt, with quick-release buckle
• Heavy-duty YKK zippers on all pockets
• Great for travel; the back pocket is held close to your body to protect cash, cards & passport
• Sturdy, lightweight packcloth material
• Machine washable & water resistant
• 100% made in USA

Price: $78.00
Color: Royal/Black, Navy, Tan, Teal, Royal, Yellow, Burgundy, Green/Black, Grey/Black, Teal/Black, Navy/Black, Grey


"Quick draw water bottle holder. Great idea and perfect for any hiker."

SIZE: (bottle section) 6"H x 2.5"D (approx.)

• The ideal small fanny pack for a water bottle
• Lightly padded waistbelt for extra comfort
• Small pocket for necessities such as keys, money, tissues, etc.
• Made of lightweight, heavy-duty Packcloth

Price: $42.00
Color: Red, Tan

water bottle Fanny Pack

Water Sprite Fanny Pack

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Sunnyside Fanny Pack

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SIZE: 9"w x 4.5"h x 3"d

• Small size make this fanny pack suitable for everyday use, can be tucked under clothing
• Single zippered pocket
• Long adjustable waistbelt
• Made of Packcloth Nylon or 1000 d. Cordura. Select when choosing color.
• Machine washable. Water-resistant.
• 100% Made in USA

Price: $42.00
Color: Red (Cordura), Orange (Cordura), Camo (Cordura), Green (Cordura), Black (Cordura), Royal (Packcloth)


SIZE:  10"w x 8.5"h x3"d

• A round fanny pack, with two water-bottle pockets
• One main pocket, with full-width zipper
• Flat zippered pocket on front

• Two mesh water-bottle pockets - one on each side
• Material: 400 denier Packcloth.
• Machine washable & water-resistant
• 100% USA-Made

Price: $76.00
Color: Grey, Navy, Royal, Red, Tan, Black

Fanny Pack

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Trail Runner large fanny pack
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SIZE: 15"w x 5"h x 3"d(at center)
• This large waistbelt is wide but not tall, allowing you to carry lots of stuff without inhibiting motion or getting in your way
• Single main pocket, with full-length zipper
• Compression strap across front tightens to keep your items from shifting when the bag is not completely full
• Adjustable-length waistbelt
• Sturdy, lightweight packcloth material
• Machine washable & water resistant
• 100% made in USA

Price: $56.00
Color: Red

Waist pack (Fanny Pack) Shoulder Bag

SIZE: 9"w x 7"h x 5"d

  • You pick: This organizable bag has both a removable shoulder strap and a removable waist-belt, so you can use as a shoulder bag or a waist pack!
  • Bag features two main compartments, as well as two flat zippered pockets on the outside, and one small zippered pocket in one of the main sections
  • Both the removable, adjustable shoulder-strap and the waist-belt are 1.5" wide, to distribute the bag's weight
  • Made of heavy-duty, Cordura material, packcloth, or ripstop, with YKK brand zippers to take years of use.
  • Fully machine-washable.

Price: $96.00
Color: Wheat, Tan (Packcloth)

Size Regular: 14" x 5.5" x 3"
Size Large: 19" x 6" x 3"
  • Heavy-duty, long waist pack, with numerous organizer pockets
  • Originally developed for the Lake Placid 1980 Winter Olympics Ski Patrol.
  • 14 internal pockets for superior organization
  • Retaining straps for a self evacuation rope, or just to hold down larger items.
  • Great for people who need to keep small items organized, such as computer & electrical technicians, emergency medical technicians, and others.
  • Material: 1000 d. Cordura®. Machine washable & water resistant.
  • 100% USA Made

Size Regular Price: $150.00
Size Regular Color: Navy

Size Large Price: $175.00
Size LargeColor: Orange, Green, Navy

Ski Patrol Fanny Pack

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Perfect to conceal credit cards or small amounts of money when traveling

• A low-profile waist belt, which can be concealed under clothing for travel
• Two small zippered pockets, sized for carrying credit cards
• 100% USA Made

Price: $23.00
Color: Black, Black/Rainbow, Black/Grey, Black/Navy

USA-Made Waistbelt

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Size: 10"w x 7"h x 3.5"d

• Good for carrying small to mid-size items that need protection, camera, binoculars, food, medical supplies, etc.
• Can be carried independently by an adjustable, removable shoulder strap, or bag can be carried within a larger pack or bag.
• Use either as a fanny pack or as a shoulder bag: waist strap can be tucked into back tunnel when not needed
• Interior has a flexible loop perfect for camera lens or small bottle.
• Completely padded on all sides with sturdy closed-cell foam
• Made of 1000 d. Cordura, with YKK zipper
• Washable. Water-resistant
• 100% Made in America

Colors: Black, Grey, Silver, Wheat
Price: $98.00

Clunch Camera Lunch Bag

See Larger Images

Easy way to keep tools, notepads, etc. handy!

SIZE: 25"w x 10"h x 3"d
• Wide web belt with attached large pouch.
• Pouch opens at both ends and has flaps at each end. Flaps close with Velcro. • Handy for anybody who needs to have easily accessible tools, office supplies, or other small items!
• 100% USA Made

Price: $42.00
Color: Black

T-Apron Pouch
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SIZE: 6"w x 14"h x 3"d

  • A handy,sophisticated fanny pack, great for travel.
  • Easy-to-access main compartment.
  • Zippered outside flat pocket.
  • Small hideaway pocket for room key, driver's license, or credit card.
  • Made of sturdy, 1000 d. Cordura material, and also available in lighter-weight Packcloth (colors as noted).
  • Machine washable. Water resistant
  • 100% USA Made
  • Price: $86.00
    Color: Pink (Cordura), Navy (Packcloth), Green (Packcloth), Grey (Cordura), Purple (Packcloth), Pink/Black (Cordura), Gold (Packcloth), Grey(Packcloth)

    Made in USA fanny pack

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    Dance! Bag Front

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    SIZE:approx 8"h x 8"w x 1"d. WEIGHT: 2oz

    Not just for dancing, this unique shoulder bag is designed to be discreet and lightweight way to keep a few items by you at all times. Great for any outing!

    •For social dancers, getting on the dance floor can mean leaving your wallet or phone unattended, this bag is designed to stay with you.
    • Narrow, lightweight cord can be adjusted to any length - wear it cross-body, as a shoulder bag, or even tightened around your waist.
    • Elastic gathered top with slim flap which secures with velcro.
    • Embroidered with "Dance!"
    • Sturdy, lightweight packcloth material. Smooth enough to wear against delicate clothing or under a sweater.
    • 100% made in USA. Machine washable. Water resistant.

    Color: Black, Black/Red, Black/Royal       Price: $35.00

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