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Re-Med Home
Responder Backpacks
Small Organizer Pouches
Oxygen Bags
Totes/Nursing Bags
Drug Bags
Misc. Bags

Excellent 100% USA-Made Bags & Packs for EMS, Crisis Management, Hospitals, Ambulance, First Responders, Tactical & Search and Rescue

Tough Traveler's USA-Made Emergency Bags and Emergency Packs are known for excellent design and excellent durability, made to have appropriate capacity and compartments, from Oxygen Bags and Oxygen Packs to Emergency large-capacity backpacks to many excellent emergency small pouches and small bags. Many emt's and paramedics have told Tough Traveler that the emergency products of Tough Traveler have helped them immeasurably in their medical crisis work, from revolutionary medical vials holders that "exceeded expectations" to the Rescue Carrier used everyday for trauma on streets where access by ambulances would be impeded and a great on-the-back, comfortable-to-carry emergency carry-everything backpack is invaluable.
  • Trauma Gear Bags
  • Tactical Backpacks for EMS off-road & crisis response. Great for search & rescue (SAR), also EMT mountain & ski patrol
  • Ambulance Bags
  • Emergency Organizer Pouches
  • First Aid / Medical Care Bags
  • Hospital Bags
  • First-In Bags
  • Specialized Medical Device Bags
  • Oxygen Tank Bags
  • Nurses' Bags
  • Drug Bags / Unique Vial Organizer


Small Organizer Pouches

Oxygen Bags

Totes/Nursing Bags

Drug Bags

First-In Bags

Misc. Specialty Bags
Please contact us for Quantity Pricing
All our Re-Med bags may be available at quantity & organization discounts. We are also able to customize bags with a clear ID window, with your patch, silkscreened or embroidered logo, or with other custom requests. Just call us at 1-800-GO-TOUGH to discuss our many options!

Please let us know if you need a technical bid specification for any product.

Note to government purchasers: Many government purchases require absolute basic items! If you do want our excellently-made durable products, please allow us to quote prices for our simplest items that will meet your needs! We are happy to supply our superb designs, but we also would like the opportunity to provide our basic models.

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