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RESCUE CARRIER, Unique Off-Road EMT Gear Pack

EMS Rescue Carrier backpack

EMT Rescue Carrier backpack

  • Crisis EMT Pack
  • Trauma Backpack
  • SAR Backpack
  • EMS & Crisis
  • Unique EMT Backpack for SAR, Off-road, EMTs, & Urban Crisis

This unique off-road ems backpack is designed to hold the gear of a fully equipped EMT, either for search-and-rescue or for events.

The frame and suspension system are created to take weight off the shoulders and back, and allow comfortable and well-balanced carrying. Specialized pockets and attachment points for all equipment make this the perfect pack for wilderness rescue, and also for the EMT who must monitor an event single-handedly, without backup equipment nearby. Additionally, this pack goes excellently to urban or suburban roadside accidents, and is also intended for first responders who must go up stair flights to reach victims.
"I have been using the Tough Traveler [Rescue Carrier] for some time now and I'm very happy with its performance to date. I have it with me every where I go and it's seen some pretty bad Trauma incidents and would not be with out it."-- Alan Thompson, writing from Baghdad, Iraq

Comes in Orange for visibility, or Black for tactical EMS. Additional color choices may be available. Larger orders can have small changes or modifications at no charge.
Size: 27" Tall, 11" Wide, 11" Deep.
Weight: 7 lbs
"EMT in a Bag"

Comfort Features:

  • Sternum strap, & load control straps help balance weight.
  • Comfort is enhanced by thick padded shoulder straps, and three-piece hip belt with 1" thick padding
  • Foam-padded back band, with breathable mesh covering.
  • Hybrid frame.
  • Torso adjustment to fit adults 5'6" to 6'6".

Organizer Features:

  • Main pocket opens from top. Main pocket features: large open area, four elasticized pockets on sides, and zippered mesh pocket on reverse side of top flap.
  • Color-coded interior pockets are designed to hold cervical collars, Tough Traveler Organizers, TT Tac Brief, TT ET Case, or your other items; you do not need to buy our Tough Traveler bags for the interior (although you might want to!).
  • Comes with one padded O/2 Cylinder Bag (please note on your order whether you prefer C or D size - see below). The O2 Cylinder Bag is held in the main pocket of the Rescue Carrier, within its own pocket to control the weight of the O2 cylinder.
  • Padded radio pocket on exterior.
  • Padded GPS pocket on exterior.
  • Padded cell phone pocket on exterior.
  • Mesh water-bottle pocket on exterior.
  • Specialized pouch for avalanche wand.
  • Glove pocket on exterior.
  • Accessory panel with bungee cord
  • Removable shovel pocket clips onto back.
  • Three daisy chains on sides, plus accessory clips
  • Two removable belt pouches
  • On the Black version, the reflective stripes may be hidden easily to reduce visibility
  • Includes web strapping to attach items to exterior lash tabs. You may carry your additional items, including stretchers, without the encumbrance of another bag!
  • Zippered 'clamshell-opening' pocket on rear of backpack gives access to interior water-resistent, flexible-sized tunnel pocket. This pocket has enough room for Tough Traveler Organizer bags -- holding EMS supplies such as bandages, etc -- when there is a C-size O2 cylinder within the Rescue Carrier (less room when the pack has a D-size).
  • 6 TT Organizer bags, holding EMS supplies, or our VA Drug Case, fit in bottom pocket, even when main pocket is holding C-size O/2 cylinder bag.
Other Features:
  • Kickstand allows backpack to stand independently when set down, so you can work out of it conveniently and hygienically.
  • Reflexite trim on all sides to improve night visibility (can be hidden in the Tactical Black version).
  • Made of sturdy packcloth, with premium YKK zippers.
  • Reinforced with Rhinotek(TM) on the bottom.
  • Tactical EMTs may want our Black model, with special reflective stripes which may be easily obscured to reduce visibility. Custom colors are also available upon request.
  • Patent #US D599,107

Colors: Orange, Black


Additional EMS Bags that attach to or fit into the pockets of the Rescue Carrier.


Clips into Rescue Carrier.

Cylinder Protectors

SIZE (SMALL): 15"l x 5"d
SIZE (LARGE): 24.5"l x 4.5"d
• Padded, protective sleeve for oxygen cylinder. Ideal for using independently or inside a larger gear bag
• Single pocket with drawstring-opening at top
• Reflective stripes for easy visibility
• Side-release buckle at top allows bag to be quickly clipped into our Rescue Carrier

Price (Size Small): $45.00
Color: Teal

Price (Size Large): $55.00
Color: Teal, Green

Note: One Cylinder Protector of your choice (C- or D-size) is included with purchase of the Rescue Carrier.


Image Not Available • The rain cover for the Rescue Carrier. Protect your gear during all-weather rescues & events

Price: $30.00
Color: As Available


Fits into pocket of Rescue Carrier.
  • Size: 13" x 2" x 8"
  • The perfect intubation organizer
  • Holds a selection of tubes and all of the instruments
  • Zips closed, keeping inside items organized
  • Interior divided into two sides; one holds tubes in slots covered with clear vinyl, the other secures the blades and handles
  • Zippered pocket to hold miscellaneous items
  • Durable Cordura(R) material
  • 100% USA-made

Price: $98.00
Color: Green

ET Case


Fits into pocket of Rescue Carrier.

Size: 5" X 5"
• The smallest accessories are sometimes of vital importance. This Pouch features three color-coded zippered compartments to keep everything organized
• Clear back section to contain IV caths, needles, etc.
• Works well as a small first aid/wound kit or as an IV start kit
• Packcloth material

Price: $56.00
Color: Red, Green, Yellow, Orange, Pink, Green/Black


SIZE: 7.5" x 2.75"

• Perfect size for a single epinephrine injector such as Epi-Pen®
• Has two ways of carrying - belt loops on back, and flag-style loop which can be carried on wrist, belt, purse strap, or other useful place!
• Easy to access in case of emergency
• Smooth, water-resistant packcloth material. Machine washable.
• 100% Made in USA

Price: $16.00
Color: Grey, Teal, Gold Diamond, Black, Green

Epi Pen Pouches

Click on image to expand


Fits into pocket of Rescue Carrier.
13.5"h x 9.5"w
A unique tri-zip pouch designed to carry items needed for incident command. The front contains 4 'see- through' pockets for T or 3x5 cards and has 3 zippered compartments to hold triage tags, forms and command vest. The back features a 'see-through' clipboard compartment. This allows the papers on the board to be seen, but they remain protected from the elements. The Tac-Brief is designed to fit in the EMTote and makes an excellent command brief regardless of what type of briefcase or system is used.

Price: $59.00
Color: Royal (Packcloth)


Six (6) packed Organizers will generally fit in the Rescue Carrier's back bottom pocket.
Organizer #1
Organizer #4
Everyone has different needs and our Organizers allow modularization of things as the user wants. Each Organizer is sized to fit in our emergency bags, but they are general enough to be used for many different things. Organizers have see-thorough panels which allow rapid identification of contents. Made from clear vinyl and packcloth.

•Organizer #1:
8" high x 3" deep x 10.5" wide.
Designed to fit in the side pockets of our Mega Duffel. Often used as an IV module or wound kit.

•Organizer #4:
7.5" high x 7" wide.
Front vinyl pocket closes with velcro. Back pocket closes with zipper.

Colors: Custom Order Only
Price: $0.00

Colors: Red, Black
Price: $0.00

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