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Tough Traveler is an

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TRAVEL LUGGAGE:Tough Traveler luggage is made to last. We start with the highest quality materials, then use excellent, unique designs and superior workmanship to produce suitcases, wheeled luggage, and carry-ons that will serve your needs for years - or even decades! Every one of our bags is crafted in New York State for a truly superior product.

Travelers have traveled near and far with Tough Traveler brand luggage for over 39 years!

Tri-Zip Front

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Shown above with padded backpack straps (can be tucked into the back pocket when you don't need them)
"[Tough Traveler's Trizip is a] great bag as carry on for long trips. 3 times this past year my luggage did not arrive on trips to remote places. The Tri-Zip carried enough so that I could function for the days til the next flight arrived."
Bob Nakamura, NY

SIZE: 20"w x 13"h x 9"d
Weight: 3.5 lbs.

As Recommended in Ski Magazine, Kiplinger's Magazine, &
Our most popular suitcase is ideal for anyone who likes to pack light and compactly - and especially great for business travelers! With a layout that has been recommended in major publications such as Kiplinger's Magazine, quality workmanship & materials, and an amazingly comfortable & versatile carrying system, this is the best carry-on on the market!


• The largest size you can take as a carry-on on most airlines (and it only weighs 3.5 lbs)!
• Three compartments, all with side-wall padding, to keep your clothing and personal items organized and neat
• Full-size flat front pocket for small items such as tickets & passport, etc.
• First main compartment has padded section for laptop computer, files, important items, etc. This will also fit a completely removable laptop case - use your own, or visit our laptop inserts.
• Large rear section features cinch straps to hold your clothes down and keep them from shifting during travel.
• Detachable, adjustable shoulder strap, and with carry-handles with leather handgrip.
• Converts to a backpack! The thick padded backpack straps tuck away in a zippered pocket when not needed.
• Supportive stays in back & removable waistbelt strap for carrying comfort when used as a backpack
• Hand-crafted in the USA wth superb workmanship and the highest quality domestic materials: heavy-duty 1000 d. Cordura®, and heavy-duty YKK® zippers
• Machine Washable & water-resistant
As recommended by Doug Dyment - travel expert of One

Price: $425.00
Color: Black, Ranger, Khaki, Red, Camoflage(Not Shown), Burgundy, Royal/Tan, Peacock


SIZE: 19"w x 13"h x 8"d
Weight: 1.3 lbs

  • Classic style, medium-sized carry-on, with front organizer pockets and large storage capacity
  • Full-length (plus), heavy-duty zipper accross top
  • Full-length zippered pockets on front and back
  • Two medium-size zippered pockets on front, plus smaller open-top pocket
  • Grab handles, plus adjustable shoulder strap
  • Material: 1000 d. Cordura with 400 d. Packcloth
  • Machine washable & water-resistant
  • 100% Made-in-USA

Price: $195.00
Color: Black, Tan

Daycoma Tote american made tote

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Flight Bag Suitcase

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SIZE: 17"w x 11"h x 7.5"d

An excellent small carry-on
•Single roomy main compartment
•Zippered flat pocket on each side of bag
•Leather hand grip
•Adjustable, detachable shoulder strap
•Machine washable & water-resistant
•Material: 1000 d. Cordura
•100% USA-made

Price: $146.00
Color: Teal

Flight Com.  American made.

Click on image to expand
SIZE: 17"w x 11"h x 9"d

•Compact but spacious size, backpack option, and padded computer compartment make this the perfect simple carry-on.
•Roomy main compartment for clothing
•Padded computer compartment
•Zippered large front pocket
•Carry-handles with hand grip
•Adjustable, detachable shoulder strap
•Detachable hide-away padded shoulder straps for optional use as a backpack
•A great little bag to use as a carry-on for plane, train, bus or car travel, as an overnighter, an emergency bag, or even just for a business day in the city!
•Machine washable & water-resistant. Material: 1000 d. Cordura
•100% USA-made

Price: $195.00
Color: Black, Khaki, Red, Purple

Expedition Duffel Bag

Click on images to expand
SIZES: Small, Medium, & Large (see dimensions below)

• Cinch straps with quick-release buckles are a great place to carry an sweater or jacket on outside of bag, plus allow bag to be cinched tight when not full.
• Packcloth body with reinforced Cordura® bottom that extends partially up the bag.
• Foam padded bottom for protection & stability
• Leather hand-grip. Adjustable, detachable shoulder strap
• More structure & support than a standard duffel, still incredibly light!
• Machine washable. Water resistant.
• 100% Made in USA

SMALL: 18"w x 12"h x 8"d; Weight: 1 lb
Price: $158.00
Color: Black, Purple/Black, Green/Black/Green

MEDIUM: 24"w x 15"h x 12"d; Weight: 1.5 lbs
Price: $235.00
Color: Black, Green, Purple/Black, Coyote/Black, Green/Black

LARGE: 28"w x 17"h x 12"d; Weight: 1.9 lbs
Price: $0.00
Color: Custom Order Only

SIZE: 26"h x 19"w x 9.5"d (4453 cu" w/pockets)
WEIGHT: 11 lbs

• A solid-framed large suitcase, with hard paneled sides, top and bottom for stability wnen standing independently
• Large main compartment: 26" x 13" x 9.5"
• Two large exterior side pockets, each: 3" x 9" x 23" each
• All pockets close with 2 lockable, heavy-duty YKK zippers
• Inside main compartment, lining the walls, are four large open organizer pockets
• Full-length & width flat zippered compartment on inside of lid flap
• Adjustable tie-down straps inside, to keep folded clothes from shifting
• Stands independently
• Sturdy, 2" wide wheels, and heavy-duty handle
• Made of heavy-duty Cordura® or smooth, sturdy packcloth, with reinforced Rhinotek® base, top, and side
• Retractable handle slides easily with simple squeeze, and secures at two height levels: 38" & 43"
• Washable. Water-resistant.
• Made in USA

Price: $525.00
Color: Black, Ranger, Khaki, Royal, Green, Red, Purple, Grey, Burgundy

Lightweight Rolling Suitcase.  Large size, compact packing area.  Made in USA.

Click on images to expand
Note: Interior lining color varies

Lightweight Rolling Wheeled Suitcase

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SIZE: 24"h x 13"w x 8"d
WEIGHT: 7.4 lbs

• A lightweight, heavy-duty, wheeled carry-on with a single main pocket, and lots of organizer pockets and useful features!
• Three-position extendable handle, with firm, non-slipping locks.
• Bag sits upright when loaded and has great stability when rolling and when standing.
• Two flat organizer pockets on front, and two open elastic-topped side pockets.
• Main pocket is foam-padded to protect contents. Foam can be removed for extra storage space.
• Main pocket features adjustable hold-down strap to keep clothing neat and an open organizer pocket
• Includes detachable no-slip shoulder strap, and dual carry-handles with leather hand grip.
• Made of heavy-duty 1000 d. Cordura, with YKK zippers, and nylon-bound interior seams, for exceptional durability.
• Washable. Water-resistant
• Made in USA

Price: $425.00
Color: Camoflage(Not Shown), Ranger, Mohave, Royal

SIZE: 53" X 22" - Tri-Fold Garment Bag Folds to Only: 10" X 22"!
Weight: 2.5 lbs

• Makes a great carry-on because it folds very small!
• One main compartment fits two suits or dresses
• Two smaller pockets - a zippered shoe pocket on the bottom & a large organizer pocket
• Full length zipper allows easy packing
• Loop attachment for hanger handles at top, keeps garments from shifting
• Adjustable, removable shoulder strap with no-slip grip
• Made of durable 1000 d. Cordura. Water-resistant. Machine washable.
• 100% Made in USA

Price: $295.00
Color: Black, Red, Purple, Teal, Khaki

Thin-Flight Tri-Fold Garment Bag Folded

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SIZE: 40.5" x 24"
WEIGHT: 1.5 lbs

•One main compartment can fit up to two suits or three dresses
•Folds in half for carrying
•Front pocket for extra items
•Leather hand-grip
•Internal loop holds hangers, so items don't slip to bottom
•Material: 1000 d. Cordura. Extra-large YKK zippers.
•Machine washable & water-resistant
•100% made in USA

Price: $115.00
Color: Red, Khaki, Black, Purple


Click on images to expand

SIZE: 45"l x 23"w x 3.5"d
WEIGHT: 8.8 lbs

•A three-suit bag large enough to hold accessory travel items as well as your garments
•Inside rack holds hangers and features a center hold-down strap.
•Two large accessory pockets on the outside will carry shirts, pajamas, etc.
•Will hold long garments
•Made of tough 1000 denier Cordura and built to last
•Heavy-duty, durable wheels & handle assembly
•Does not stand independently
•Washable & water-resistant
•Made in USA

Price: $485.00
Color: Teal

Transport Luggage
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Size: 24"h x 9.75"w x 6.75"d; Weight: 3.75 lbs
• Easily convert a mid-large carry-on luggage or duffel into a wheeled bag.
• Three-position extendable handle.
• Three adjustable straps snap securely around your carry-on
• Carry-on bag is not included (but see some great ones at Carry-Ons)

Price: $115.00
Color: Black

Wheel conversion set
Click on image to expand Wheel conversion set

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