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A Great Detachable Luggage Strap to Use With Your Wheeled Suitcase

• This new accessory strap allows you to easily attach a piece of small luggage, a handbag, briefcase, etc. to the top of your wheeled suitcase, either Tough Traveler brand or another brand
• Works with most wheeled suitcases, so you can quickly add any style of duffel or other small bag.
• Easily loops over handle of rolling luggage, and three-point elastic strap tightens snugly around your smaller bag. The Add-On! is designed for excellent balance, stability and security.
Patent #7,841,453B2

Price: $18.00
Color: Black, Silver, Rainbow, Tan, Purple

"Can't-miss travel gifts...:
Eliminate the juggling act in airports or at the train station by attaching your carry-on to your suitcase with the Add-On." -

Kristi Gustafson, Albany Times Union
wheeled luggage strap
The Add-On! Strap connects an extra bag, a briefcase, or a handbag or shoulder bag to the bottom rolling suitcase

Size: 24"h x 9.75"w x 6.75"d; Weight: 3.75 lbs
• Easily convert a mid-large carry-on luggage or duffel into a wheeled bag.
• Three-position extendable handle.
• Three adjustable straps snap securely around your carry-on
• Carry-on bag is not included (but see some great ones at Carry-Ons)

Price: $115.00
Color: Black, White

Wheel conversion set
Click on image to expand Wheel conversion set

Passport Wallet

Click on images to expand


SIZE: 9.5"l x 5"w x .25"d
• Lightweight, large wallet holds passport, tickets, money, etc., can be carried over shoulder, cross-body, on belt, or as clutch inside briefcase or purse. Adjustable, detachable neck/shoulder strap which can be oriented either vertically or horizontally.
• Heavy-duty Velcro closure
• Two 'coin pouches' with Velcro closure
• Two full-length zippered pockets
• Three credit card slots
• Two full-length open pockets, one with clear plastic cover
• Belt loops on back
• Made of 1000 d. Cordura, Packcloth Nylon, or Diamond Ripstop (choose when selecting colors)
• Washable & water-resistant
• 100% USA Made

Price: $85.00
Color: Royal, Teal, Burgundy, Purple, Red, Grey (Packcloth), Royal(Packcloth), Teal(Packcloth), Burgundy(Packcloth), Purple(Packcloth), Red(Packcloth), Emerald Diamond, Wheat (600 d)

Travel Kit USA made toiletries kit

Click on images to expand

• This bag has been very popular for more than 20 years for organizing toiletries! Designed to be hung on bathroom doorknob or hook.

SIZE: 5.5"w x 10"h x 5"d

• Two main compartments plus small front zippered pocket
• Inside front main pocket are small flat pockets for organization, plus a full-length zippered mesh pocket to hold damp items
• Inside rear pocket is a large elastic tube holder, and an open pocket great for tooth brushing accessories
• Long removable shoulder strap, plus grab handle to hang over bathroom hook
• Easy to work out of when hanging against a wall!
• Made of heavy-duty 1000 d Cordura. Machine washable. Water-resistant.
• 100% Made in USA

Price: $53.00
Color: Sorry, Sold Out

Shave Kit Bag

Click on image to expand


SIZE: 10 1/2"h x 5.5"w x 4.5"d
•Stuff all of your shaving needs, and other personal hygiene items in this little bag.
•Single pocket with full-length zipper
•Choice of three materials: durable 1000 d. Cordura, lightweight packcloth, or attractive Diamond Ripstop (choose when selecting colors)
•Machine washable. Water-resistant
•100% USA Made

Price: $34.00
Color: Royal, Camouflage, Burgundy, Teal, Wheat (500 d), Royal/Tan, Hunter
"I was a Marine serving in Beirut, Lebanon, during Christmas 1983, and received a [Tough Traveler] shaving kit.... It is an item that I treasure and have used daily for the last 24 years...."-- John Watts, GA

Shave Kit HP Bag

Click on image to expand


SIZE: 9"w x 8"h x 3.75"d

•A compact bag for your shaving needs and other personal hygiene items.
• Main pocket zipper is full-width, for best access, with lockable double pulls so you can leave the zippers positioned where you prefer!
• Small zippered pocket on front
• Full-width flat open pocket on back
• Web handle
• Sturdy, lightweight packcloth material
•Machine washable. Water-resistant
•100% USA Made

Price: $36.00
Color: Red/White/Blue, Gold/Black, Teal/Black, Royal/Black, Grey/Black

Sunnyside Shave Kit

Click on image to expand


SIZE: 9"w x 4.5"h x 3"d

• Small, simple shave kit
• Single zippered pocket
• Web handle
• Made of 400 d. packcloth nylon - selected colors also available in 1000 d. Cordura
• Machine washable. Water-resistant.
• 100% Made in USA

Price: $28.00
Color: Black (Cordura), Green (Cordura), Navy (Cordura)

Pouch for Tablet, Kindle, Nook

Click on image to expand
Size: 8"h x 5"w x 3"d
A great fit for the NookTM and KindleTM

• This pouch can be carried alone by a lightweight (detachable) web shoulder strap, or attached to your belt, or to a child carrier waistbelt, by two small web straps on the back
• In addition to the main pocket, there is a flat zippered pocket on the front for notebook, keys, etc.
• Fleece lined for insulation & comfort
• Optional high-visibility reflective stripe across front (choose when selecting color)
• Made of packcloth nylon or 1000 d. Cordura. Machine washable. Water-resistant.
• 100% Made in USA
Size Small - Price: $43.00
Color: Teal, Black, Teal(No Reflective)
Size: 10"h x 7"w x 3"d

A great fit for an iPadTM or other small tablets, keys, cell phone, or toiletries

• Can be carried in 4 ways: in your pocketbook or briefcase; by a lightweight adjustable shoulder strap; hung from your belt; or hung from the web belt that comes with the bag
• In addition to the main pocket, there is a flat zippered pocket on the front for notebook, keys, etc.
• Soft fleece lining
• Optional high-visibility reflective stripe across front (choose when selecting color)
• You may consider using these to carry the following Pelican cases:
#1040 (approx. 7.5" x 5.2" x 2.2")
#1050 (approx. 7.5" x 5.2" x 3.2")
#1060 (approx. 9.5" x 5.6" x 2.6")
• Made of packcloth nylon or 1000 d. Cordura. Machine washable. Water-resistant.
• 100% Made in USA

Size Large - Price: $52.00
Color: Black, White, Royal, Teal (no reflective), Black (no reflective

Same as the Side Pocket, above, except without fleece lining

Size Small - Price: $34.00
Color: Navy, Royal

    Size Large - Price: $40.00
Color: Lavender


SIZE: 10"h x 8"w x 5"d
• Simple small backpack, great to bring your lunch to work, pack a few tools, carry some books or papers, or in car or suitcase.
• Single roomy pocket, collapses easily into small space.
• Works well packed into luggage as a travel accessory bag.
• Hideaway reflective tape.
• Flap top secures with Velcro.
• Compression straps tighten pack.
• Adjustable, web backpack straps.
• Large 'loop' Velcro patch on pack.

Price: $45.00
Color: Black

T-Pouch American-Made Backpack
Click on image to expand

Bill Fold Pouch


SIZE: 7.5"w x 3.25"h

• A very lightweight, flat case to keep money, airline tickets, cards, coupons, checks & other paper items neatly in your pocket or handbag
• Clear vinyl windows on both sides of inside
• Choice of two materials: 1000 d. Cordura or Diamond Ripstop. Machine washable. Water-resistant.
• 100% Made in USA

Price: $18.00
Color: Black (Cordura), Orange (Cordura), Navy (Cordura), Green (Cordura), Red (Cordura), Royal (Cordura), Emerald (Diamond), Blueberry (Diamond)

Size: 9.25"l(open) x 5"h x .5"d

• For storage of passport, money, tickets, etc.
• Velcro closure
• Large billfold area
• One small Velco coin pouch, one long Velcro pouch, and three credit card slots inside
• Quick to access
• 2 belt loops on back
• Machine washable. Water resistant
• 100% USA Made

Price: $45.00
Color: Royal, Wheat, Teal, Red

USA-Made Wallet

Click on images to expand

USA-Made Wallet

Click on images to expand

SIZE: 9.5"l x 5"w x .25"d
• Lightweight, large pouch holds passport, tickets, money, etc., to be carried as a clutch inside briefcase or purse.
• Two full-length zippered pockets
• One full-length open pocket with clear plastic cover
• Can fold and be held with a small Velcro closure
• Washable & water-resistant
• 100% USA Made

Price: $25.00
Color: Red, Teal, Burgundy, Wheat

Eye-Spy Pouch

Click on images to expand


SIZE: 7"h x 5"w x 1"d

• Shoulder-holster-syle "street style" pouch gives comfortable & easy access to important items. Great for carrying money, keys, glasses, phone, binoculars, camera, etc!
• Can also be carried fanny-pack style
• Small open pocket on front for keys, business cards, etc.
• This pouch is the liberating way to go shopping, to travel, to tour!
• Made of either 1000 d. Cordura or suede-like Saddlecloth. Machine washable. Water-resistant
• 100% Made in USA

Price: $38.00
Color: Orange/Black, Yellow/Black, Olive Saddlecloth, Fawn Saddlecloth


SIZE: 7.5"h x 5.5"w x 2"d

• All of the features of the Eye Spy, except instead of a shoulder strap, has a snap so the bag can be attached to other bags or go loose in a purse, backpack, or other bag.

Price: $38.00
Color: Forest/Black, Orange/Black, Yellow/Black, Olive Saddlecloth, Fawn Saddlecloth

Size: 5"w x 5"h
• The smallest accessories are sometimes the most important! This little pouch features three zippered compartments to keep everything organized, plus a back pocket with Velcro closure.
• Back pocket has full-length clear vinyl window, divided in two sections, so you can see what you've got on hand.
• Makes a great cosmetics bag to carry in your purse, travel kit bag, sewing kit, First-Aid kit, or small tool bag.
• Packcloth material. Machine washable. Water-resistant.
• Multi-Colored zippers, so you can easily organize your supplies. Also available with plain Black zippers.
• 100% Made in USA

Colors: Red, Green, Yellow, Orange, Pink, Royal/Black, Red/Black, Green/Black, Orange/Black
Price: $54.00

Click on images to expand

Belt Pouch Front

Click on images to expand


SIZE (Regular): 6 1/2"w x 7 1/4"h
SIZE (Small):5"w x 5 3/4"h

• Two wide belt loops to go over belt or backpack waistbelt.
• Full-width zippered opening
• Convenient for money, notes, etc.
• Good for a small digital camera, when padded protection is not necessary
• Cordura material, except in colors where Packcloth is specified

Color (Regular): Purple, Navy, Black, Yellow, Teal/Tan (Packcloth), Black/Tan (Packcloth, Royal/Tan (Packcloth, Purple (Packcloth), Teal, Teal(Packcloth)       Price: $15.00

Color (Small): Teal/Tan, Black/Tan, Purple/Tan, Grey/Tan, Navy/Tan, Red/Tan, Royal/Tan       Price: $15.00

Good little organizer, popular with travelers & school kids, and for office use

SIZE: 8.25"w x 5"h
• Small flat pouch, convenient to keep in purse, backpack, or luggage
• Convenient for money, pencils, etc.
• Makes a great small gift
• Cordura material, except in colors where Packcloth is specified
• Machine washable & water-resistant
• 100% USA Made

Price: $11.00
Color: Black, Royal, Red, Teal, Purple, Green, Navy (Packcloth), Orange (Packcloth), Navy/Tan, Black/Tan, Grey/Tan, Black/Red (PC), Black(Packcloth), Red/Tan (PC), Slate(Packcloth), Green(Packcloth), Royal(Packcloth), Purple/Tan(Packcloth, Teal(Packcloth), Grey (Packcloth), Purple(Packcloth), Camouflage, Royal/Tan, Purple/Tan, Red/Tan, Green/Tan, Teal/Tan, Royal/Tan(PC), Gold (Packcloth), Black/Tan(Packcloth), Slate/Tan (Packcloth, Teal/Tan(Packcloth), Burgundy (Packcloth), Yellow (Packcloth)

Pencil Pouch

Click on images to expand

Padded Pouch

Click on image to expand

Size: 5.5"x4.5"x3"

A small, padded pouch, great for cameras, binoculars, electronics, medical gear, and other small, important items

Can fit some eReaders!

•Can be carried in a larger bag
•Add a cold pack, and you may have a small storage space for a snack
•Machine washable. Water-resistant
•Made of heavy-duty packcloth nylon. Also available in 1000 d. Cordura (choose when selecting color)
•Available with either Belt Loops on back or Removable Shoulder Strap
•100% Made in America

With Belt Loops:
Price: $25.00
Color: Gold, Teal, Black (Cordura), Burgundy (Cordura), Grey (Cordura), Wheat (Cordura), Navy (Cordura)

With Shoulder Strap:
Price: $25.00
Color: Tan, Burgundy (Cordura), Grey (Cordura), Wheat (Cordura), Navy (Cordura), Black, Teal (Cordura)

Envelope Brief

Click on images to expand
For Groups:    Can be silkscreened or embroidered with a message, such as your logo, or terms like, "Reports," "Incidents," "Meetings," etc.


An excellent bag to help you organize your papers and projects!

SIZE: 13.5"w x 11.5"h
• A simple, durable flat pouch. Heavy-duty & easy to access - great for file folders, documents, or small items
• Heavy-duty, envelope-style Velcro closure
• An excellent way to keep papers together and easily accessible.
• Great for conferences, business documents, home repair plans, etc. Available in a variety of colors, so you can use different colors for different projects
• A wonderful "Hospital Companion" bag. Perfect to bring insurance paperwork, notes from conversation with caregivers, medical paperwork, etc. This bag is helpful for going to the clinic for outpatient care, being the person accompanying the ill person going to the hospital, or going to the hospital and having a great place to keep important medical records and thoughts all in one place.
• Machine washable & water resistant
• Available in heavy-duty 1000 d. Cordura material, or smooth, lightweight 400 d. Packcloth (choose when selecting color)
• 100% Made in America

Price: $24.00
Color: Purple, Burgundy, Celery, Teal, Pink, Olive, Yellow, Brown (Packcloth), Gold (Packcloth), Light Teal (Packclot, Peacock, Black, Grey, Red, Royal, Forest, Orange, Silver, Navy, Red(Packcloth), Black(Packcloth), Olive(Packcloth), Royal(Packcloth), Orange(Packcloth), Navy(Packcloth)

Made-in-USA handbag

Click on images to expand


New small shoulder bag!

Simple and useful as shoulder bag or traveler's pouch.

SIZE: 8"h x 11"w x 2.5"d

  • Zippered main compartment
  • Front zippered pocket for small items, such as passport, wallet, or electronics
  • Zippered, flat pocket on back
  • Two flat pockets inside bag
  • Cell phone pocket on front, closed by velcro strip
  • Detachable, adjustable web shoulder strap
  • Lightweight!
  • For travelers as an extra bag for evening out (fit your wallet, keys, passport), or as a cosmetics, drugs, etc. pouch
  • For men, women, and teens!
  • Machine washable. Water-resistant
  • Available in either smooth, lightweight 400 d. Packcloth material, or heavy-duty, canvas-looking 1000 d. Cordura. Choose when selecting color.
  • 100% Made in America

Price: $56.00
Color: Navy(Packcloth), Blueberry Diamond, Navy (Cordura), Brown (Cordura), Burgundy (Cordura), Black (Cordura), Teal (Packcloth), Grey (Cordura), Black(Packcloth), Brown(Packcloth), Grey(Packcloth)


SIZE: 6"w x 14"h x 3"d
Winner of the ShapeYou.com Great Gear of the Year Award:
"Our judges loved this bag because it's small and easy to carry but still tall enough to fit a bottle of water. Looks different enough to stand out too."

  • A rugged chic one-shoulder "street style" cross-body bag, popular for bike riding, city walking, light nature hikes, and great for 'around town!'
  • One main pocket, with a front zippered pocket, and an open front pocket
  • Can be carried either as a backpack, or across your front or side
  • Made of sturdy, 1000 d. Cordura material, and also available in lighter-weight Packcloth (colors as noted)
  • Perfect for carrying a few items such as water, wallet, keys, hat, small book, etc.
  • Machine washable. Water resistant
  • 100% USA Made

Price: $52.00
Color: Pink (Cordura), Navy (Packcloth), Green (Packcloth), Grey (Cordura), Grey (Packcloth), Purple (Packcloth), Pink/Black (Cordura), Gold (Packcloth)

USA Made Backpack Cross-body bag

Click on image to expand

Perfect to conceal credit cards or small amounts of money when traveling

• A low-profile waist belt, which can be concealed under clothing for travel
• Two small zippered pockets, sized for carrying credit cards
• 100% USA Made

Price: $16.00
Color: Black, Black/Rainbow, Black/Grey, Black/Navy

USA-Made Waistbelt
Click on image to expand

Epi Pen Pouches
Click on image to expand

SIZE: 7.5" x 2.75"

• For tiny cell phone; pens and pencils; meds; keys; small cosmetics; toothbrush/toothpaste; comb; jewelry; credit, library, insurance cards, driver's license...
• Perfect size for epinephrine injector
• Has two ways of carrying - belt loops on back, and flag-style loop which can be carried on wrist, belt, purse strap, or other useful place!
• Easy to access in case of emergency
• Smooth, water-resistant packcloth material. Machine washable.
• 100% Made in USA

Price: $16.00
Color: Grey, Teal, Gold Diamond, Black


• This extra-comfort strap can clip onto almost any bag designed to work with a removable shoulder strap
• 1/2"-thick foam padding is 11" long and 2" wide
• Adjustable length strap reaches a maximum of 48"
• Curved shape fits comfortably over shoulder and around neck, allowing you to carry your bag across your chest
• A great replacement strap for a worn-out or unpadded shoulder strap

Price: $18.00
Color: Black (Metal Clips), Black(Acetel Clips)


• If your packed bag weighs as much as a bowling ball, you may need the Shoulder Strap Pad for extra comfort!
• 3.5" wide and 8.5" long, and can be slipped over a shoulder strap up to 2" wide
• Bottom is lined with no-slip grip, to keep strap firmly on your shoulder
• Oval shape and thin, soft padding keeps pad trim and un-bulky
• Will work with almost any strap with at least one detached end. Strap is not included
• Machine washable. 100% USA Made.

Price: $13.50
Color: Black, Blue Denim


• Made of heavy-duty nylon, and sturdy clips to snap onto just about any bag with 'D-ring' attachment points (or other spots made for a removable shoulder strap)
• 1.5" wide to distribute weight across your shoulder comfortably
• Completely adjustable-length at both ends
• Shoulder area is lined with no-slip grip
• Thirty-six inches long at maximum length
• 100% Made in USA

Price: $7.50
Color: Black (Nickle Hooks), Black (Acetel Hooks), Navy (Nickle Hooks)


•Leather handgrip with snaps
•Simply wraps around the carry-handles of your bag for a more comfortable grip

Price: $6.00
Color: Black

Removable Snap Handle
Note: Strap not included



• Easily Velcros around any shoulder strap or hip belt.
• Comes with two reflectors - one for each shoulder strap, or add to another backpack.
Price: $12.00          Color: White

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