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ACCESSORY STRAPS: Lost your shoulder strap? Need an extra? Want to snap one bag on top of another? We have an assortment of straps, and can also make straps to order!


A Great Detachable Luggage Strap to Use With Your Wheeled Suitcase

• This accessory strap allows you to easily attach a piece of small luggage, a handbag, briefcase, etc. to the top of your wheeled suitcase, either Tough Traveler brand or another brand which has a handle grip (for attaching the Add-On!)
• Works with wheeled suitcases, to a duffel or other small bag.
• Easily loops over handle of rolling luggage, and three-point elastic strap tightens snugly around your smaller bag. The Add-On! is designed for excellent balance, stability and security.
Patent #7,841,453B2

Price: $26.00
Color: Black

"Can't-miss travel gifts...:
Eliminate the juggling act in airports or at the train station by attaching your carry-on to your suitcase with the Add-On." -

Kristi Gustafson, Albany Times Union
wheeled luggage strap
Click on image to expand
The Add-On! Strap connects an extra bag, a briefcase, or a handbag or shoulder bag to the bottom rolling suitcase


• This extra-comfort strap can clip onto almost any bag designed to work with a removable shoulder strap
• 1/2"-thick foam padding is 11" long and 2" wide
• Adjustable length strap reaches a maximum of 48"
• Curved shape fits comfortably over shoulder and around neck, allowing you to carry your bag across your chest
• A great replacement strap for a worn-out or unpadded shoulder strap

Price: $24.00
Color: Black (Metal Clips), Black (Acetal Clips)


• For extra comfort carrying heavy bags, this soft pad slides over your existing shoulder strap
• Two sizes - Regular can be slipped over a shoulder strap up to 1.5" wide, Wide fits on up to 2".
• 3.5" wide x 8.5" long
• Bottom is lined with no-slip grip, to keep strap firmly on your shoulder
• Oval shape and thin, soft padding keeps pad trim and un-bulky
• Will work with almost any strap with at least one detached end. Strap is not included
• Machine washable. 100% USA Made.

Price (Regular): $18.00
Color: Denim Blue, Black, Yellow

Price (Wide): $24.00
Color: Black, Navy


• Made of heavy-duty nylon, and sturdy clips to snap onto just about any bag with 'D-ring' attachment points (or other spots made for a removable shoulder strap)
• 1.5" wide to distribute weight across your shoulder comfortably
• Completely adjustable-length at both ends
• Shoulder area is lined with no-slip grip
• Thirty-six inches long at maximum length
• 100% Made in USA

Price: $9.00
Color: Black (Nickle Hooks), Black (Acetel Hooks), Navy (Nickle Hooks)


•Leather handgrip with snaps
•Simply wraps around the carry-handles of your bag for a more comfortable grip

Price: $9.00
Color: Black

Removable Snap Handle
Note: Strap not included


• We are happy to make straps to your specifications! Just order here and a staff member will email you for your specific details.
• Web options: Nylon or polyester, a variety of colors, 3/4", 1", 1.5" or 2" wide, any length
• Buckle options: Snap hooks, side-release buckles, sliders
• Straps can be sewed together if desired
• Price for a typical strap is $10 - $20. We will let you know the exact price after finding out your requirements!

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