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Tough Traveler is an

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Many Tough Traveler bags are great for sports people & hobbyists - bikers, birders, and others! On this page you will find a few that are particularly useful!



SIZE: 6"w x 14"h x 3"d
Winner of the Great Gear of the Year Award:
"Our judges loved this bag because it's small and easy to carry but still tall enough to fit a bottle of water. Looks different enough to stand out too."

  • A rugged chic one-shoulder "street style" cross-body bag, popular for bike riding, city walking, light nature hikes, and great for 'around town!'
  • One main pocket, with a front zippered pocket, and an open front pocket
  • Can be carried either as a backpack, or across your front or side
  • Made of sturdy, 1000 d. Cordura material, and also available in lighter-weight Packcloth (colors as noted)
  • Perfect for carrying a few items such as water, wallet, keys, hat, small book, etc.
  • Machine washable. Water resistant
  • 100% USA Made

Price: $84.00
Color: Green (Packcloth), Grey (Cordura), Purple (Packcloth), Pink/Black (Cordura), Gold (Packcloth), Grey(Packcloth)

USA Made Backpack Cross-body bag

Click on image to expand

This small bag converts to a waist pack, so it's easily portable for when you leave your bike to go into a store, etc.!

SIZE: 8.5"w x 4"h x 3"d
• Fits behind seat or on handlebars with adjustable straps
•Wide-opening zipper for easy access
• Adjustable web waist strap snaps on and off, for easy conversion to waistpack
• Sturdy, lightweight packcloth material. Also available in heavy-duty Cordura (noted when chosing colors)
• Machine washable & water resistant
• 100% made in USA

Price: $42.00
Color: Green (Cordura), Black (Cordura), Navy (Cordura), Royal (Packcloth)

Bike Seat Bag

Click on image to expand

Handlebar F11

Click on images to expand
Size: 9"w x 6"h x 4"d

• Velcro attachment points to attach to bike at top left and right side and bottom center.
• All sides are padded with sturdy closed-cell foam. Great for carrying a mid-sized camera or camcorder.
• Includes a flat open pocket on front
• Interior features two foam padded lens or film holders (which are flexible so they can be pushed aside if not needed!)
• Detachable shoulder strap
• Made of 1000 d. Cordura & other quality materials
• Washable & water-resistant
• 100% Made in America

Colors: Black, Navy, Wheat
Price: $88.00

Padded Pouch

Click on image to expand

Size: 5.5"x4.5"x3"

A small, padded pouch, great for cameras, binoculars, electronics, medical gear, and other small, important items

Can fit some eReaders!

•Web/side release buckle attachment points at the right and left top back corners of the bag.
•Add a cold pack, and you have a small storage space for a snack
•Machine washable. Water-resistant
•Made of heavy-duty packcloth nylon. Also available in 1000 d. Cordura (choose when selecting color)
•100% Made in America

Price: $38.00
Color: Tan, Teal, Black, Black(Cordura), Wheat (Cordura)



SIZE: 45" long X 2" wide
WEIGHT: 4 oz.
• Sturdy, wide strap makes toting skis and poles a cinch!
• Velcro attachments wrap around skis at two points, with heavy-duty velcro for a secure hold
• Separate attachment points for ski poles
• Lightweight strap folds small enough to carry in jacket pocket when not in use
• Available for either Down-Hill or Cross-Country Skis

Alpine/Downhill Ski Strap:
Price: $24.00
Color: Navy

Nordic/Cross-Country Ski Strap:
Price: $24.00
Color: Black

Ski Strap, Ski Tote

Size Regular: 14" x 5.5" x 3"
Size Large: 19" x 6" x 3"
  • Heavy-duty, long waist pack, with numerous organizer pockets
  • Originally developed for the Lake Placid 1980 Winter Olympics Ski Patrol.
  • 14 internal pockets for superior organization
  • Retaining straps for a self evacuation rope, or just to hold down larger items.
  • Great for people who need to keep small items organized, such as computer & electrical technicians, emergency medical technicians, and others.
  • Material: 1000 d. Cordura®. Machine washable & water resistant.
  • 100% USA Made

Size Regular Price: $150.00
Size Regular Color: Navy

Size Large Price: $175.00
Size LargeColor: Orange, Green, Navy

Ski Patrol Fanny Pack

Click on images to expand


SIZE: 26"h x 12"w x 13"d
• Built with the same incredibly comfortable mini-internal frame as our chiropractor-recommended Super Padre backpack series, this is the most back-friendly pack you can find for your gear! Organized specifically for ski patrol use, this bag has many superior features, such as clip-in oxygen cylinder bag, organizable pockets, superior workmanship, and premium materials!
• Internal pouch for your hydration pack
• Fully-padded, breathable-mesh back
• 1" thick, wide waistbelt and 3/4" thick shoulder straps for superior support. Load-control straps, sternum strap, and mini-internal frame for excellent balance and weight control.
• Drawstring top with water-resistant hood
• Front pocket organized for intubation items, with elastic slots and internal pocket with clear vinyl window
• Separate bag for oxygen cylinder snaps easily inside main pocket, so that it stays quick to grab. Includes valve protector and padding.
• Interior features four open, color-coded pockets with elastic tops
• Bag is fully front-opening, so that you can lay it on the ground and work directly from it.
• Patent Pending

Price: $455.00
Color: Orange/Multi

Size: 39"x15"x5"

Will fit some snowboards and skateboards.
• Two web handles
• Flat zippered pocket, 13"x12" on side
• Fully padded for excellent protection
• Cordura material

Price: $160.00
Color: Black

Merser american made purse

Click on images to expand

Merser american made purse


SIZE: 11"w x 7.5"h x 5"d

    A great fit for the NookTM and KindleTM

  • Lightly padded sides & bottom give protection and also make a nice 'stand-up' bag!
  • Full-size open pockets on both exterior front and back
  • Large open main compartment, with four organizer pockets against the inside walls: one small zippered pocket, two small elastic-topped pockets, and one full-length open pocket
  • Most popular as a pocketbook; can also be used as a camera or camcorder bag, picnic bag, emergency medical bag, fishing bag, or weapon bag.
  • Mid-length straps - can be carried by the elbow or hand.
  • 1000 d. Cordura material. Washable & water-resistant
  • 100% Made in USA

Price: $94.00
Color: Grey, Red, Teal/Tan, Navy/Tan, Grey/Tan, Burgundy/Tan, Wheat/Tan, Wheat (500 d), Black

Also Available with:

  • Full-length removable, adjustable shoulder strap instead of the elbow straps (Mersely).
  • Price: $94.00
    Color: Wheat, Grey, Navy, Red, Royal, Teal, Burgundy, Teal/Tan, Navy/Tan, Grey/Tan, Wheat/Tan, Black, Burgundy/Tan

  • Full-length removable, adjustable shoulder strap in addition to the elbow straps (Merser 2).
  • Price: $108.00
    Color: Wheat (500 d), Grey, Navy, Royal, Red, Teal, Burgundy, Teal/Tan, Navy/Tan, Burgundy/Tan, Grey/Tan, Wheat/Tan


    SIZE: 6"w x 3"h

    For a special lure!
    • This handy pouch features a vinyl rear-window, so you can see the contents at a glance. You can even operate a touch-screen right through the vinyl!
    • Front flap secures with a good-size patch of Velcro.
    • For iPod, iPhone, smart phone, digital camera, cell phone, and other devices
    • Made of heavy-duty, 1000 denier Cordura. Machine washable. Water-resistant.
    • 100% Made in USA

    Price: $18.00
    Color: Brown, Green, Ranger, Olive (Packcloth), Green (Packcloth), Coyote (Packcloth), Burgundy (Packcloth)

    Business Card Pouch

    Business Card Pouch

    Size: 5"w x 5"h
    • The smallest accessories are sometimes the most important! This little pouch features three zippered compartments to keep everything organized, plus a back pocket with Velcro closure.
    • Back pocket has full-length clear vinyl window, divided in two sections, so you can see what you've got on hand.
    • Makes a great cosmetics bag to carry in your purse, travel kit bag, sewing kit, First-Aid kit, or small tool bag.
    • Packcloth material. Machine washable. Water-resistant.
    • Multi-Colored zippers, so you can easily organize your supplies. Also available with plain Black zippers.
    • 100% Made in USA

    Colors: Red, Green, Yellow, Orange, Pink, Green/Black
    Price: $56.00

    Click on images to expand


    SIZE: 13.5"h x 9.5"w

    This unique three-zippered flat brief can carry assorted lures.
    • A detachable shoulder strap can be added upon request (note under "Comments" when ordering)
    • The front contains 4 clear pockets with vinyl windows and has 3 zippered compartments
    • The back features full-length pocket with clear vinyl windows
    • Machine washable. Water resistant
    • 100% USA Made

    Colors: Royal (Packcloth)
    Price: $59.00


    SIZE: 11.5"w x 10"h x 3"d

    • A mid-size courier purse
    • Long, 2" wide adjustable-length strap
    • Main zippered pocket with internal zippered change purse
    • Includes key-clip and pen slots
    • Flat zippered pocket on outside flap
    • Made of sturdy Cordura material, also available in soft Saddlecloth

    See reviews of this item on

    Price: $125.00
    Color: Wheat, Teal, Royal, Camouflage, Navy (Saddlecloth)

    Dayout Purse

    Click on images to expand


    Large: 11" x 10" x 6.5"
    Medium: 11" x 8" x 6.5"
    Small: 9" x 7" x 5"

    • Our classic shoulder bag, this purse is compact, organizable, lightweight and durable.
    • Bag features two main compartments, as well as a flat zippered pocket on the back, a zippered pocket on the front, and one small zippered pocket in one of the main sections
    • The removable, adjustable shoulder-strap is 1 1/2" wide, to distribute the bag's weight nicely on the shoulder
    • Made of heavy-duty, Cordura® material, with YKK brand zippers to take years of use
    • Machine washable. Water resistant
    • 100% Made in America

    Price: $96.00
    Color: Wheat, Tan (Packcloth)

    Price: $108.00
    Color: Wheat/Wheat, Grey, Burgundy, Green, Teal, Purple, Red, Royal

    Price: $115.00
    Color: Green, Purple, Wheat (600 d.), Teal

    Citibag Handbag

    Click on images to expand

    Hip Pack Fannypack, belt pack, belly bag, hip sack, waist bag, hip pack, bum bag, moon bag, belted satchel, fanny pack

    Click on images to expand


    SIZE: 9"w x 5"h x 3.5"d

    A lightweight, wide-opening fanny pack for assorted fishing needs (may fit a small lure box)
    • Long, easily-adjustable belt, with quick-release buckle
    • Main pocket zipper is full-width, for best access, with lockable double pulls so you can leave the zippers positioned where you prefer!
    • Small zippered pocket on front
    • Convenient for money, notes, etc.
    • Sturdy, lightweight packcloth material
    • Machine washable & water resistant
    • 100% made in USA

    Price: $56.00
    Color: Navy, Royal, Teal, Natural, Yellow, Red/White/Blue, Teal/Black, Royal/Black, Grey/Black, Green/Black, Burgundy, Burgundy/Black


    Shoe Bag

    Click on image to expand


    SIZE: 13"h x 10"w x 5"d

    •Single pocket with full-length zipper
    •Handle at the top
    •Perfect for carrying shoes
    •Machine washable. Water-resistant
    •Two long Velcro loop strips on back, allowing the bag to be easily attached inside a suitcase or other container with a corresponding hook strip.
    •100% USA Made

    Price: $0.00
    Color: Custom Order Only


    Size: 8"h x 6"w x 1.5"d
    A great small organizer for toiletries, notepad & pens, cosmetics, medical items, electronics, travel, wheel chair use, etc.

    • Designed to carry a variety of small items.
    • Main pocket and front organizer section, with two layers of pockets divided into four individual sections.
    • Perfect for cell phone, binoculars, drawing pad, pencils & pens, digital music player, passport, birding book, etc.
    • Large belt loop closes with sturdy snaps, allowing quick application and removal without having to remove belt. Fits over belt up to 4" wide.
    • Comes with a separate extra-wide (2" width) web waist belt.
    • Made in the USA of 1,000 d. USA-made Cordura

    Colors: Custom Order Only
    Price: $74.00


    Click on images to expand

    Fitness Duffel USA made Bag

    Click on images to expand


    SIZE: 21" X 11" X 10"

    Our most popular gym bag, this duffel features an expanding sleeve pocket to separate your damp items from dry items. Winner of the 2010 Shape You "SEAL OF EXCELLENCE"!

    • Extra-large zippers to take lots of stress
    • One main pocket, one full-length zippered side pocket, and large expanding pocket
    • Detachable, adjustable-length shoulder strap
    Side pocket has mesh front to keep damp, smelly items ventilated; this pocket expands to be large enough to fit a pair of sneakers, but takes up very little space out of main duffel section when not in use.
    • Superior quality materials & workmanship, including triple-stitched stress points, YKK zippers and Nylbond thread.
    • Water-resistant material. Machine washable.
    • Available in either 1000 d. Cordura or Packcloth Material - choose when selecting color!
    • 100% made in USA

    Price: $0.00
    Color: Custom Order Only


    SIZE (REGULAR): 22"L X 12"Diam.
    SIZE (XL): 35"L X 13"Diam.

    • One main pocket and large expanding internal side pocket
    • Side pocket has mesh front to keep damp, smelly items ventilated; this pocket expands to be large enough to fit a pair of sneakers, but takes up very little space out of main duffel section when not in use.
    • Long zipper across the top for full access
    • Detachable, adjustable shoulder strap; 1.5" wide
    • Two grab handles on top
    • Water-resistant material. Machine washable.
    • Made of heavy-duty 1000 d. Cordura, with superior quality materials & workmanship.
    • 100% made in USA

    Price (Regular): $138.00
    Color: Camouflage, Silver

    Price (XL): $0.00
    Color: Sorry, Sold Out

    USA made bag.  Fitness Duffel M

    Click on images to expand


    SIZE: 14"h x 16"w x 8"d

    • A double-decker tote/duffel, the Fitness Satchel M is very organizable, and perfect for gym, sports, or you-name-it!
    • The top pocket opens from the above, with a full-length, double-pull zipper. The bottom pocket opens from the front, also with a double-pull zipper
    • Outside mesh pocket has a flexible sleeve, allowing boots or gym clothes to be stored neatly. Ideal for travel or for going to the gym.
    • Main compartment has flexible space, depending on how full the mesh pocket is.
    • Mesh water-bottle pocket on the side
    • Detachable, adjustable shoulder strap, plus carry-handles
    • Material: 1000 d. CorduraÆ, heavy-duty straps & stitching, and YKK zippers, for superior durability
    • Water-resistant material. Machine washable.
    • 100% made in USA

    Price: $108.00
    Color: Black/Red

    Sports Gym Duffel Bag.  USA made bag.
    Click on image to expand


    Size (Regular): 19"w x 11"h x 11"d
    Size (Small): 16"w x 8"h x 8"d

    Size (XS): 13.5"w x 7.5"h x 7"d

    • Sturdy duffel with a flexible sleeve side pocket to separate damp items from dry items, or to separate shoes from clothing.
    •Side pocket has mesh front and takes up very little space out of main duffel section when not in use.
    • Additional flat zippered side pocket, plus small front open pocket
    • Handle with leather hand-grip, plus removable, adjustable shoulder strap
    • Material: 1000 d. Cordura with YKK zipper
    • Water-resistant material. Machine washable.
    • 100% made in USA

    Price (Size Regular): $165.00
    Color: Grey
    Price (Size Small): $133.00
    Color: Black, Teal
    Price (Size Extra-Small): $92.00
    Color: Black, Royal, Red, Grey, Silver

    PD Fitness Duffel Bag.  Durable.  USA made.

    Click on image to expand

    Perfect to conceal credit cards or small amounts of money when traveling

    • A low-profile waist belt, which can be concealed under clothing for travel
    • Two small zippered pockets, sized for carrying credit cards
    • 100% USA Made

    Price: $23.00
    Color: Black, Black/Rainbow, Black/Grey, Black/Navy

    USA-Made Waistbelt

    Click on images to expand

    Easy way to keep tools, notepads, etc. handy!

    SIZE: 25"w x 10"h x 3"d
    • Wide web belt with attached large pouch.
    • Pouch opens at both ends and has flaps at each end. Flaps close with Velcro. • Handy for anybody who needs to have easily accessible tools, office supplies, or other small items!
    • 100% USA Made

    Price: $42.00
    Color: Black

    T-Apron Pouch
    Click on image to expand


    SIZE: 33"l x 10.5"w
    • A lightweight, flat golf bag for carrying 3-6 clubs, the Sunday Walker is far less clumsy than most other golf bags!
    • Designed for excellent balance, easy to be ready to go, either on a par 3, for a short walk, at a driving range, or even for people who play with a small number of clubs and still drive in a cart.
    • Three pockets - two big ones for sweater or jacket and one small one for tees, keys, etc.
    • Adjustable-length shoulder strap. Can be carried facing either forward or backward

    Price: $145.00
    Color: Red, Teal, Grey

    Flat Golf Bag

    Kids Golf Bag


    SIZE (Small): 29" x 9.5"

    • Our lightweight, flat golf bag, designed for the young putter!
    • Similar to our Sunday Walker golf bag, this bag is properly proportioned for kids age 6-12.
    It's not just sized-down, it's made to curve correctly for a smaller body to achieve perfect balance!
    • Perfect for 3-4 child - size clubs.
    • Three pockets for tees, sweater, etc..
    • Adjustable-length shoulder strap

    Price (Small): $0.00
    Color: Black, Emerald Green


    "Quick draw water bottle holder. Great idea and perfect for any hiker."

    SIZE: (bottle section) 6"H x 2.5"D (approx.)

    • The ideal small fanny pack for a water bottle
    • Lightly padded waistbelt for extra comfort
    • Small pocket for necessities such as keys, money, tissues, etc.
    • Made of lightweight, heavy-duty Packcloth

    Price: $42.00
    Color: Red, Tan

    water bottle Fanny Pack

    Water Sprite Fanny Pack

    Click on image to expand

    SIZES: Small, Medium, Large & X-Large (see below)
    • Our round carry-all, in four sizes, made to hold up to every use
    • Full-length YKK zipper across the top for full access
    • Detachable, adjustable shoulder strap; 1.5" wide
    • Two grab handles on top
    • Water-resistant material. Machine washable.
    • Made of heavy-duty 1000 d. Cordura, with superior quality materials & workmanship.
    • 100% made in USA

    SMALL: 20"L X 10"Diam.
    Price: $0.00
    Color: Custom Order Only

    MEDIUM: 22"L X 12"Diam.
    Price: $125.00
    Color: Black, Royal, Green

    LARGE: 27"L X 13"Diam.
    Price: $148.00
    Color: Red, Khaki, Black, Royal, Green

    X-LARGE: 35"L X 13"Diam.
    Price: $168.00
    Color: Black, Khaki, Red

    USA made bag.  Small Round Duffel

    Click on images to expand

    Trail Runner large fanny pack
    Click on image to expand

    SIZE: 15"w x 5"h x 3"d(at center)
    • This large waistbelt is wide but not tall, allowing you to carry lots of stuff without inhibiting motion or getting in your way
    • Single main pocket, with full-length zipper
    • Compression strap across front tightens to keep your items from shifting when the bag is not completely full
    • Adjustable-length waistbelt
    • Sturdy, lightweight packcloth material
    • Machine washable & water resistant
    • 100% made in USA

    Price: $56.00
    Color: Red


    SIZE: 10"h x 8"w x 5"d
    • Simple small backpack, useful for many purposes!
    • Single roomy pocket, collapses easily into small space.
    • Works well packed into luggage as a travel accessory bag.
    • Hideaway reflective tape.
    • Zippered lid.
    • Compression straps tighten pack.
    • Adjustable, web backpack straps.
    • Large 'loop' Velcro patch on pack.
    • Material: 1000 d. Cordura
    • 100% Made in USA

    Price: $85.00
    Color: Black, Black (Yellow Trim), Black (Navy Trim), Black (Tan Trim)

    T-Pouch American-Made Backpack
    Click on image to expand


    SIZE: 10"h x 8"w x 5"d
    • Simple small shoulder bag, great to bring your lunch to work, pack a few tools, carry some books or papers, or pack in your car or suitcase.
    • It is a single compartment which can fit into small space.
    • Hideaway reflective tape.
    • Clam-shell top secures with zipper.
    • Detachable, adjustable shoulder strap
    • Compression straps tighten pack.
    • Large 'loop' Velcro patch on pack.

    Price: $85.00
    Color: Black

    T-Pouch SH

    Click on image to expand

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