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"...We also had the best backpack/ [child] carrrier ever created - it was a Tough Traveler Kid Carrier. It was rugged, sturdy and comfrotable for our kids and just as importantly, for us to wear...."
- Jennifer Stoner, Berkshire Homestyle Magazine, Jan 2009

"For hiker-turned-parent on your list, consider the Kid Carrier.... Lightweight, sturdy, and comfortable, the backpack will ferry junior to places that have never seen a baby carriage (though it works equally well on sidewalks)...."  Hudson Valley Magazine, Dec. 2002

"FTF's Favorite Backpack - This year, once again, Tough Traveler backpacks and child carriers are easing the backs of parents and children on the go.  In times like this, when the tough get boing, they deserve the best quality gear.  The Super Padre "Back Friendly" pack has a great list of recommendations, with celebrants including Good Housekeeping and The Today Show...."  Family Travel Forum, Holiday 2001 (www.familytravelforum.com)

"FTF's Favorite Child Carrier - For babies, tired toddlers, and the grown-ups willing to tote them, Tough Traveler offers an impressive collection of child carriers... Tough Traveler's thoughtful add-on accessories include a Rain/Sun hood, diaper bag, and even the Dog Perch for canine passengers!"  Family Travel Forum, Holiday 2001 (www.familytravelforum.com)

"Tough Traveler's Kid Carrier... is a light pack (4 pounds) with heavy-duty padding and support, including acontoured hip belt, foam back pad, wide shoulder straps, and hip and chest straps.  And for Baby, it boasts a five-point safety harness, adjustable seat  height, high sides for sleepy heads, and an optional rain hood/sunshade." BabyTalk Editor's Choice, Oct. 2001

"Our SWAT team puts three leading brands of child carriers through a global wringer to proclaim Tough Traveler's Stallion model the best.... After four years of world travel with the Tough Traveler Stallion, we tested other models and found that Tough Traveler still takes the day.   Not the cheapest (Gerry) nor the slickest (Kelty), their backpack components are the most comfortable and the easiest to adjust.  They are designed to slip on effortlessly with your child inside.  (If there is no elevated flat surface, this can be a tricky task.)  Their child compartment also offers the best ride and child protection." - Family Travel Forum - 1/02 (www.familytravelforum.com)


The new building of the Guggenheim Museum in Las Vegas will follow the practice of the parent Guggenheim Museum in NYC and will be loaning Tough Traveler baby carriers to its patrons with babies or toddling children for the period of museum attendance.  Tough Traveler child carriers are also loaned to patrons at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Jewish Museum, the Baltimore Aquarium, and the Boston Children's Museum.  Tough Traveler baby carriers are used by the museums for the comfort of parents and babies; strollers or other baby carriages may not be used in the museums.

An article by Andy Dappen in Rodale's Family Camping Magazine, by the editors of Backpacker Magazine, which calls Tough Traveler«'s Baby Bear™ an "Excellent Offering" and the Tough Traveler«'s Stallion™"... a choice common among knowledgable users, many who say no pack comes close to touching it."    "...Kirkendall and Spring* chose the Stallion for its large cargo capacity, although they quickly came to appre-
ciate many of its other features, including the head support for sleeping toddlers, the comfort provided when toting a 30-pound boy and 20 pounds of gear, the ease of adjusting the pack to their half-foot difference in height, the support and comfort of the hipbelt, the rain and sun protection the hood gave its passenger, and the ability to stand the pack on
uneven ground. The proof of appreciation? When child Number Two arrived, they purchased Stallion number two."
*(Tom Kirkendall and Vicky Spring, writers of "100 Hikes in California's Central Sierra and Coast Range", The Mountianeers Books)

Tough Traveler« child carriers were recommended by Barbara Kennedy in Outside Magazine's Special Issue: Family Vacations Summer 1996, as her only choice for carrying babies on hikes. Tough Traveler«'s child carriers and accessories are so well known and loved as your babies grow up you can be sure the additional products we make for children provide the same excellence as our child carriers -- so your children can hike and camp in comfort as they grow.

An excellent write up by Preston Gration in The Roads to Adventure Magazine Summer 1998: "Do you want to haul your diaper-clad child into the great outdoors? Tough Traveler makes child-carrier/backpack systems that will fit this bill."

And in Conde Nast Sports for Women, April 1998, Penelope Green chose Tough Traveler's Filly as the best backpack child carrier for transporting children! She also recommends our Rain/Sun Hood.

THE TODAY SHOW Monday May 20, 1996, in the Gadget Guru section.

It is a pleasure to be singled out in such well thought out articles and it's wonderful that there are articles written to guide readers.

And see this list of older reviews which you can find at your local library:  Magazine List.

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