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GARMENT BAGS:Tough Traveler's Made in the USA Garment Bags have been helping Business Travelers for many years. The Tough Traveler garment bags from slim carry-ons and car bags to very large (3-suiter!) Wheeled Garment, our wheeled garment bags can make travel easier for business and event travelers.

Carry-on Size: Many airline guidelines advise that the length, width, and height of a carry-on must not exceed a total of 41".  This may vary, however, depending on the flight you are on.  To be certain, you should check with your airline.

SIZE: 45"l x 23"w x 3.5"d
WEIGHT: 8.8 lbs

•A three-suit bag large enough to hold accessory travel items as well as your garments
•Inside rack holds hangers and features a center hold-down strap.
•Two large accessory pockets on the outside will carry shirts, pajamas, etc.
•Will hold long garments
•Made of tough 1000 denier Cordura and built to last
•Heavy-duty, durable wheels & handle assembly
•Does not stand independently
•Washable & water-resistant
•Made in USA

Price: $365.00
Color: Teal

Transport Luggage
Click on image to expand

SIZE: 45"l x 23"w x 3.5"d

•A three-suiter bag large enough to hold all your travel items
•Inside rack holds hangers and features a center hold-down strap to keep your clothes neat.
•Two pleated pockets on the outside will carry shirts, pajamas, etc.
•Detachable shoulder strap
•Lightweight PVC board top gives shape and structure
•Designed to hold long garments, including raincoats and gowns
•Made of tough 1000 denier Cordura and built to last
•Washable & water-resistant
•100% Made in USA

Price: $290.00
Color: Teal

Transport Luggage

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"Received my garment bag today. Very pleased, half the weight of something inexepensive I bought years ago. Terrific quality, made my day.... Going to mention you to my friends and family."
-Ronald D. Van, Framingham, MA

Carry-On Garment Folded

Click on image to expand
SIZE: 66" X 22" - Tri-Fold Garment Bag Folds to: 21" X 22"!
Weight: 3 lbs.

•A carry-on garment bag designed for especially long garments - great for long dresses, deacons' robes, bridal gowns, etc!
•One main compartment will fit one large gown, two long suits, or a deacon's robe & stole
•Zippered shoe-pocket on bottom
• Full length zipper allows easy packing
• Velcro attachment for hanger handles at top, keeps garments from shifting

Price: $160.00
Color: Sorry, Sold Out

SIZE: 34.5"l x 19"w

Simple, small garment bag.

• Helps to keep shirts, blouses, suits, and skirts wrinkle-free
• Includes 2 hangers
• Light-weight, sturdy 400 d. Packcloth material
•Machine washable. Water-resistant.
•100% USA made.

• Use alone, or snaps easily into the Tri-Zip
• Can be quickly removed to hang in your hotel room
• This attachment requires a modification to the TriZip. You may either order it at the same time as ordering the TriZip, or you may send back your TriZip to be retro-fitted. There is no extra charge for retro-fitting.
Price: $65.00
Color: Navy

Garment Bag

Garment Bag

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