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Tough Traveler is an

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CHILDREN'S BACKPACKS: Tough Traveler's backpacks are well-known for their superior durability, excellent workmanship and materials - made to last through years of school, camp, travel, and other activities. We offer a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors, so you can find the perfect bag for your child. If you're tired of buying a new backpack every year, you need to try a Tough Traveler®!

Do you know exactly what size bag you are looking for, and what features? Try our Bag Finder

" the proud owner of a very old, over-utilized Tough Traveler back pack. After 30 years the fabric, every single seam, and all the zippers are intact. The backpack has been through a lot of wear and tear, yet it functions like a brand new pack. I am amazed at the durability of the product. I have replaced my son's department store back pack 4 times since he entered elementary school 6 years ago. I'm done with cheapies that are practically disposable. He's getting a Tough Traveler." -- Diana Straut Voorheesville NY
Do you want an added water bottle pocket or a cell pocket on your pack? We are a factory, and generally can put one - or both - on! The charge for each is $15. Let us know at or note when placing your order.


SIZE: 13" x 12" x 4"

Perfectly sized for beginning elementary school students
Main pocket sized for school binders
• Padded backpack straps
• Small front pocket for pens and other small items
• Made of durable, light-weight 400 d. packcloth material (except where Cordura noted)
• Machine washable. Water resistant
• 100% USA Made

Price: $95.00
Color: Pink Diamond, Black, Royal, Yellow, Red, Pink/Yellow Diamond, Tan, Purple

Also available with two side water-bottle pockets:
Price: $115.00
Color: Royal (Cordura)

Elementary size child's backpack made in usa

Click on images to expand!


SIZE: 11"x7"x4.5"

•A great little backpack for children ages 3-5.
•Simple web backpack straps
•Great for pre-school, travel, activities and for just having a 'big kid' backpack!
•Made of sturdy, durable packcloth material
•Machine washable. Water-resistant.
• 100% USA Made

Price: $69.00        Color: Grey, Gold Diamond, Olive, Black, White, Slate/Yellow/Rainbow, Orange(1Shoulder), Black/Red, Burgundy/Navy, Teal, Natural, Grey/Rainbow, Slate

•All of the features of the Kiddy Pack, with a Small Pouch added to the outside, so some smaller things can be tucked away (toy car, tiny finger puppet, etc.)

Price: $86.00        Color: Burgundy/Navy/Camo, Slate/Yellow/Red, Gold Diamond/Grey, Black/Red/Rainbow

•All of the features of the Kiddy Pack, with an added lash tab on the outside, so something special can be added, such as a carabiner, a toy, etc.

Price: $69.00        Color: Black/Rainbow, Royal, Green, Gold Diamond, Burgundy/Navy
"Dear Tough Traveler, I thought you might enjoy hearing this ...
Approximately 33 years ago (when my daughter was about 3 years old) I purchased a child's backpack [Kiddy Pack] from you. My daughter now...has a 3 year old son of her own.
In preparing to visit them this summer, I came across the backpack. Since it still looked brand new, I decided to pass it along to my grandson. I don't know if you can tell by his picture (attached), but he was thrilled!
In the case of Tough Traveler, the old adage certainly is true ...'you get what you pay for'!
Thank you Tough Traveler,
Maureen Scrime"
Child's backpack

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Child's backpack
Courtesy of Evan Lauber
Child's backpack

("Pouch" Version)


SIZE: 11"x7"x4.5"
MATERIAL: 400 Denier Packcloth

•Same features as the Kiddy Pack, with added fleece lining for insulation - great for bottles or snacks!
•Can be used as backpack by children ages 3-5
•Attaches to back of Tough Traveler child carriers.
•Great "safety pack" for toddler to carry during excursions, to carry emergency supplies
•Machine washable. Water-resistant.
• 100% USA Made

Price: $85.00        Color: Teal, Navy, Royal, Red, Gold, Black, Burgundy, Slate
Child's backpack

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• This striking little backpack is great for the elementary school student, aged 5 - small 11, or for small adults

SIZE: 12"w x 12"h x 5.5"d
WEIGHT: 8 oz

• Square shape is perfect for wide binders
• Adjustable, padded backpack straps
• Breathable mesh back with light padding for extra comfort
• Main pocket zipper goes up side and across top, for a wide opening that still can keep things from falling out
• Two flat pockets on front for pencils, notes, etc.
• USA-made of light-weight, wear-resistant packcloth

Price: $65.00
Color: Tan/Black, Grey/Black, White/Black, Yellow/Black/Royal, Tan/Black/Royal

Square Backpack

Click on images to expand

"I ordered the ELSQUARE for my daughter going in 1st grade, it just got here today and it's perfect! She loves it. So glad I could finally find her a school backpack that looks great, priced reasonable and MADE IN USA!! THANK YOU!!!!"
Stacey Hughes Martin

Deco Kiddy Pack

Click on images to expand

Can hang on the back of your Tough Traveler child carrier and then be used by your toddler!

• SIZE: 11"h x 7"w x 4.5"d
•Our popular Kiddy Pack, with a clear front window so you can decorate your tot's backpack with her own drawing - or put his phone number in case of emergency
•Can attach to the back of any Tough Traveler child carrier, or be worn as a backpack.
•A great first backpack for preschool or nature walks.
•Sized for ages 3-5
•Reflective stripe on front for night visibility
•Made of packcloth.
•Machine washable. Water resistant.
•100% USA-Made

Price: $56.00        Color: Denim Blue


Size: 10"h x 8"w x 4.5"d

• This little backpack for little kids is just a hair bigger and more organizable than our Kiddy Pack
•Unpadded lightweight web backpack straps
•Also comes with a detachable shoulder strap so an adult can carry as a shoulder bag
•One main pocket, two flat back pockets, plus a little zippered pocket on the front
•Water-bottle pockets on the sides
•Three flat organizer pockets inside - two open and one zippered.
•Machine washable & water-resistant
•Made of 400 d. Packcloth nylon.
•100% Made in America

Price: $115.00
Color: Tan, Slate, Burgundy (Cordura), Grey (Cordura), Teal (Cordura), Black, Black(Cordura), Gold

WayKids BP USA Made backpack for children

Click on images to expand


SIZE: 15"h x 11"w x 5"d
• A good small backpack, either for a small adult carry-on or for mid-age elementary student
• Large main compartment
• Large zippered flat pocket on front for convenient separation of papers
• Padded lightweight shoulder straps and a top grab handle.
• Machine washable. Water resistant
• 100% USA Made

Price: $68.00
Color: Camo/Royal/Multi, White/Royal/Multi, Black/Royal/Multi, Slate/Royal/Multi

Othello Simple Small Backpack for School

Click on images to expand

Mini Pear


SIZE: 8" x 5" x 11"

•A stylish small backpack purse for out and about
•Single main pocket with drawstring closure, and flap over the top
•Zippered pocket on bottom
•Simple web backpack straps, plus carry handle
•Lightweight packcloth material or Diamond Ripstop with re-enforced Cordura bottom
• Machine washable. Water resistant
• 100% USA Made

Price: $89.00
Color: Black, Grey, Purple, Tan, Burgundy Diamond, Emerald Diamond, BlackDiamond

Camper Kids Backpack

Click on images to expand

Photo courtesy Barbara-Sue Nelson, Alaska
Shown: Two smaller children with the Camper, and larger child with the Ranger


A true internal frame pack designed for kids and smaller adults.

"On our longest day, we packed nearly 9 miles... and the girls did beautifully.  What impressed me most about the packs [Campers] was that neither girl complained about sore shoulders or necks.  You've designed a great pack!" - Barbara-Sue Nelson, Alaska
Note: Photo shows the Camper on the two smaller children, and our larger backpack, the Ranger, on the larger child.

SIZE: 21" x 12" x 8.5" 2200 cu. in. (including hood)

•Fits children approximately 5 yrs - 10 yrs, and slim adults from 3'6" to 5'2" (slim)
•Control straps to fine-tune load distribution between shoulders and hips.
•Padded shoulder straps, back pad and lumbar pad.
•Hip belt compressors make it fit excellently
•Adjustable harness
•Aluminum stays
•Sternum strap distributes the load across the breastplate and pulls the shoulder straps together, eliminating under-the-arm pressure
•Contoured 3-piece Cordura®-covered hip belt combines 1/2" of high-strength, distortion-reducing foam with 1/4" open-cell foam
•Side compressors to tighten load
•4 side lash tabs
• Hood pocket: 10.5" x 5" x 2"
• Small front pocket
•Weight: 2 lbs. 4 oz.
•Made of Packcloth

Price: $225.00          Color: Royal/Orange

SUPER PADRE: Deluxe Ergonomic Backpack

SIZE: X-Small, Small, Midi, Medium, Large
MATERIAL: 400 Denier Packcloth

Unique pack for students and day hikers - takes weight of heavy books off shoulders and upper back

Comfort Features:
• Control straps fine tune load distribution between your shoulders and hips.
• Mini internal frame takes the strain of heavy books off your upper back.
• Sternum strap distributes the load across the breastplate and pulls the shoulder straps closer together, eliminating under-the-arm pressure.
• Shoulder pads have thick, sturdy foam to cushion load and shock.
• Mesh-covered padded back provides back comfort and ventilation.
• Padded waistbelt hugs body and aids support system.

Convenience Features:
• Large main pocket
• Drawstring and hood closure to main pocket allows easy access.
• Two small pockets on front hold pencils and other small essentials.
• Two mesh side pockets for water bottles, CD players, etc.
• Four sizes available to fit almost anyone.

Super Padre Backpack
Click on image to expand

"I received my Super Padre size Small yesterday, and after trying on over 50 packs at several store, THIS ONE fits!!! I can't believe it; I expected to say yet another 'Oh well...'. I carried some weight around in it today, and didn't even want to take it off! And when I did it was with great fondness that I set it down. I haven't worn a pack for 30 years.... I am so pleased to once again be able to use one..... I love it and thank you so much for your concern for the health of those of us who wear these things!!!" Kathleen DeCelle

Super Padre - Size Large

SIZE: 23"x12"x9"
Fits: Adults 5'3" - 6'3"
Capacity: 2,800 cu"
Weight: 2.6 lbs

Additional Features:
• Zippered bottom pocket. Can have mesh front when ventilation is needed to keep damp items from getting musty.
• Compression straps tighten to keep load from shifting when bag is not full.
• Adjustable back height allows precise fitting to body size.

Price: $285.00
Color: Tan, Orange, Coyote

Super Padre Large - Extra Lash Tabs

Additional Features:
• Includes two extra lash tabs on top, which work perfectly for many sleeping bags in stuff sacks.

Price: $295.00
Color: Tan, Olive, Orange, Coyote

Large Super Padre

Click on images to expand

Large Super Padre with lash tabs
Super Padre - Size Medium
SIZE: 18.5"x11.5"x9.5"
Fits: 10 yrs old - Adults 5'10"
Capacity: 2,200 cu."
Weight: 2.3 lbs

Additional Features:
• Zippered bottom pocket. Can have mesh front when ventilation is needed to keep damp items from getting musty.
• Compression straps tighten to keep load from shifting when bag is not full.
• Adjustable back height allows precise fitting to body size.

Price: $265.00
Color: Black, Denim Blue, Gold, Olive, Royal

Medium Super Padre

Click on images to expand

Midi SP
SIZE: 15"x11.5"x6.5"
Fits: Age 7- small adult
Capacity: 1,500 cu."
Weight: 1.7 lbs

Additional Features:
• Big enough for notebooks, books, and personal items, fits in standard lockers.
• Large reflective stripe for night-time visibility.

Price: $0.00
Color: Sorry, Sold Out


Click on images to expand

Super Padre - Size Small
SIZE: 16"x9.5"x8.5"
Fits: 6yrs-5'2"
Capacity: 1,300 cu."
Weight: 1.5 lbs

Price: $210.00
Color: Black, Teal, Grey, Royal, Navy

Small Super Padre

Click on images to expand

Super Padre - Size Extra-Small
SIZE: 16"x9.5"x8.5"
(straps sized for small people)

Fits: 5-11 years (or very small adult)
Capacity: 1,120 cu."
Weight: 1.3 lbs

Price: $185.00
Color: Multi-Colored

Super Padre Ergonomic Child's Backpack

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