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See Dog Packs Customer Comments & Photos!

Dog Carrier Backpack


The dog carrier for active people

As Featured on CBS's The Early Show with veterinarian Debbye Turner!

The Dog Perch Backpack is a superb backpack with a special seat for your dog. Pets ride in a natural position without legs or tail dangling, and our technical backpack suspension system eases the load on your shoulders and back, and moves most of the weight comfortably to your hips. Safety harness restrains pet without discomfort. The ideal dog carrier for taking your pet hiking, around town or to outdoor festivals! Great for puppies, ailing or elderly dogs, and possibly even going where dogs are not usually permitted.

"Our dogs are 11 and 12 years old, and need a little help on those long day hikes. We tried [the Dog Perch Backpack] Grayson Highlands in SW VA. This worked perfect! The dogs loved it and one of them fell asleep while we were hiking." Erick Allen, Hendersonville, NC.
• Designed to be worn by adults 5' to 5'11". Taller users should check out our "Extra-Large" size below!
• Fits small dogs; up to about 22 lbs suggested weight. The size of the seat area is 11” x 8” at the base, and 12” high. At the top, it widens to about 11” x 11". You may want to measure your dog when in a seated position. If your dog is larger, check out our sizes Medium & Extra-Large below!
• Control straps fine-tune load distribution between your shoulders and hips.
• Sternum strap distributes the load and eliminates under-the-arm pressure.
• Shoulder straps & hip belt have sturdy foam to cushion load and absorb shock.
• Mesh backband provides cool back support for carrier.
• Five-point safety harness holds dog in securely, and clips to collar
• Water-resistant 480 cu. in. underseat pocket.
• Tubular aluminum loading stand opens out for stability, folds back when in use.
• Weighs only 3 lbs. 8 oz.
• The Dog Perch Backpack is a combination of our Pal'mino backpack and the Dog Perch Seat. The Seat can also be purchased separately (see below), and used with many of our various-sized child carriers (see all options).
• The dog seat is easily removable without tools, is machine washable, and can be quickly re-installed.
• Works great with our accessories, including Rain/Sun Hood & add-on bags and pouches
Dog Perch

Above photo courtesy Erick Allen

See More Customer Comments & Photos!

Price: $299.00        Color: Temp. Sold Out

**** This item is temporarily sold out. We are making more, but it may be several weeks! We suggest you try the size Medium, which should not be too large for any dog over 10 lbs, and is available for immediate shipment. Thank you!****


• Similar to the Dog Perch Backpack, only pairing our slightly larger and more adjustable Kid Carrier pack with the dog seat. Designed to be worn by adults 5' to 6'.
• Fits small dogs, up to about 24lbs suggested weight. The size of the seat area is 12” x 9.5” at the base, and 14” high. At the top, it widens to about 12” x 15". You may want to measure your dog when in a seated position. If your dog seems too large, check out our Extra-Large size below!
Color choices:

Price: $309.00        Color: Denim/Black

"Basil is enjoying trouble free travel now. Thanks Tough Traveler!" - Michael Carter, UK
Photo courtesy Michael Carter

"I recently purchased the Kid Carrier...and Dog Perch.  I absolutely love the entire set.  (And so does my dog.).... Thanks for making such a great product!"- Marge Tretter

Taller dog owners, or those with slightly larger pets, may want our largest version, which pairs our Stallion, a carrier for people about 5'6" - 6'6", with a roomier dog seat.

• Fits small dogs, up to 26 lbs. weight. For best fitting, you should measure your dog when sitting to ensure he or she will be able to sit comfortably in the seat, which is 12" x 9.5" at the base, and widens to about 12" x 16.5".
• Control straps fine-tune load distribution between shoulders and hips, allowing you to ease weight on your back.
• Sternum strap distributes the load and eliminates under-the-arm pressure.
• 1" thick shoulder straps & hip belt have sturdy foam to cushion load and absorb shock.
• Padded, mesh backband provides cool back support for carrier.
• Five-point safety harness holds dog in securely, and clips to collar
• Water-resistant 480 cu. in. underseat pocket.
• Tubular aluminum loading stand opens out for stability, folds back when in use.
• Weighs only 4 lbs. 10 oz.
• The dog seat is easily removable without tools, is machine washable, and can be quickly re-installed.
Color choices:

Price: $349.00
Color: Denim/Black/Olive, Denim/Black/Black

This special seat is designed to be added to our baby backpacks, to allow you to carry your small dog comfortably. It works just like the Dog Perch Backpack, above, but you can use your own Tough Traveler® child carrier.

• Fits small dogs, up to 25 lbs.
• Clips attach the carrier's child safety harness to your pet's collar.
• Installs easily, without tools (just strap it in!)
• Regular size fits our Pal'mino, Montana & Colt. Tall size fits our Stallion, Filly & Kid Carrier.
• Material: Sturdy, lightweight Packcloth, with foam seat.

Price (Regular): $72.00
Color: Black

Price (Tall): $72.00
Color: Black

Click on image to expand

Click on images to expand
The Deluxe Rain/Sun/Wind Canopy for your Tough Traveler!

•Clips on to the back and front of all Tough Traveler child carriers. Ideal for the Stallion, Filly, Kid Carrier, Pal'mino & Montana. (Works with the Colt, but best with smaller children up to one year for this model.)
• Lower side sections zip on to increase protection, or zip away to improve child's view.
• After unzipping, lower side sections tuck away, so you can't lose them.
• Reflective stripes to improve evening visibility.
• Small back pocket for storing the unzipped flaps.
• Clear vinyl front 'window' flips forward to keep rain away.
•When not needed, hangs down on the back of the child carrier without detaching.

Price: $72.00         
Color: Denim Blue, Slate, Denim/White, Black/Gold, Denim/Gold

Penthouser Dog Backpack
Photo courtesy Kelly Peake, MT
See More Images
SIZE: 17" x 9" x 9" (entire pack)
WEIGHT: 3 lbs.

• A lightweight, comfortable backpack for your puppy or small-size dog, with storage space for stuff for you!
• Easy-to-use clip loops around pet's collar to use along with chest harness
• Generally fits pets up to 10 lbs. Seat base is 5.5" x 9". To ensure a good fit, we suggest making a rectangle on the floor and having your dog sit on it. If he or she fits entirely inside, or if only the front paws are over the edge by less than 2", it should be a good fit!
• Backpack drips with extra comfort features, like a mesh-ventilated, padded back, padded shoulder straps and waistbelt, and load-control straps!
• Removable, easy-to-clean seat pad
• Can fit most adults 5' to 5'9"

Price: $240.00
Color: Denim Blue

Dog Backpack
Click on image to expand
Photo of Ethel the chihuahua, courtesy Pam BucciSee More Images
Size: 12"w x 16"h x 5"d (At Base). Pet Compartment is 10"h.
"Ethel is a black and tan chihuahua.... She loved the pack and was very comfortable," Pam Bucci, NY

• For the comfort of your small puppy or toy-size dog, a solid-bottomed backpack with breathable mesh 'windows'
• Also suitable for kittens and other small pets such as guinea pigs or bunnies (not suitable for animals who might chew through cloth).
• Extremely comfortable for the wearer: thick shoulder-straps, padded waist-belt, breathable padded back, internal mini-frame, and lift control.
• Lightweight platform separates upper and lower deck, allowing your pet to rest comfortably in the top section, while you carry other items in the bottom section.
• For very small pets up to 8 lbs; makes a great chihuahua backpack!

Price: $310.00
Color: Denim Blue

SIZE: 13"(h)x16"(w)x7.5"(d)
WEIGHT: 2.1 lbs

• An amazing new super-deluxe tote for small dogs, up to 15 lbs
• Solid padded bottom allows bag to be set down without tipping over, and provides comfy seat for your pet
• Removable, washable foam pad in bottom provides additional padding
• Padded top rim helps the bag keep its shape, and gives your dog a great place to rest her chin
• Adustable shoulder straps
• Two straps clip to your dog's collar
• Two side water-bottle pockets and three small, zippered storage pouches
• Made of a combination of lightweight Packcloth, breathable mesh and heavy-duty Cordura; Washable

Patent #D603,605S

Price: $165.00
Color: Denim Blue, Multi Colored

Dog Tote


SIZE: 12.5"w x 8"h x 4"d

  • Carry your toy dog or small puppy close to your body in a comfortable purse designed just for dogs
  • Long, 1.5"-wide adjustable-length strap to keep the weight distributed on your shoulder - can be carried as a cross-body bag
  • Best for very small dogs under 6 lbs
  • Multiple snaps allow you to close the top to the extent you desire
  • Flat zippered pocket on outside to carry dog accessories
  • Foam-padded bottom gives pet support
  • Made of sturdy 1000 d. Cordura material. Machine washable. Water-resistant
  • 100% Made in USA

Price: $98.00
Color: Red/Black, Peacock/Black

TagDog Bag

TagDog Bag - Click on image to expand

SIZE: 28"Lx12"W

• Sling fits under chest to allow dogs to be kept from putting full weight on injured limbs as dog is walking, while person holds sling to help support dog
• Will work for dogs from about 15lbs to 90lbs
• Material: Packcloth with soft Berber Fleece lining

Price: $46.00
Color: Red, Purple

Dog Sling

Click on image to expand

Dog Stretcher
SIZE: 47"L X 29"W

• Designed to carry large dogs who are ill or injured
• Six fleece-lined grab handles for balance, support, and comfort
• Removable retaining strap in middle for security
• Has been used for years for Newfoundlands!
• Material: Sturdy, lightweight Packcloth

Price: $135.00
Color: Purple

Dog Saddlebags
Click on image to expand
SIZE: Two pockets, each 8.5"w x 5"h x 4"d

• Fits dogs about 30 lbs - 70 lbs
• Breathable mesh back area
• 5-Point chest harness
• Two under-belly straps with quick-release buckles make pack stay on securely but remove easily
• Machine washable. Water-resistant.
• Made of heavy-duty Cordura. 100% USA-Made.

Price: $82.00
Color: Green


SIZE: 11"x7"x4.5"

•Cute and functional little backpack for dogs to carry!
•Adjustable straps go around dog's belly.
•Made of sturdy, durable packcloth material
•Machine washable. Water-resistant.
• 100% USA Made

Price: $58.00        Color: Yellow, Teal, Green, Black, Orange, Olive, Burgundy
Dog backpack

Click on images to expand

Packs for pets to carry and for people to carry pets (and treats!)

Copyright N. Gold 2014


When training your puppy, you need a handy place to keep treats! This convenient bag will hold clicker, treats, and/or a water bottle.
Winner of the Seal of Excellence Award 2008. Shape You's Review:
"Quick draw water bottle holder. Great idea and perfect for any hiker."

SIZE: (bottle section) 6"H x 2.5"D (approx.)

• The ideal small waistpack for a water bottle; also excellent for carrying dog treats for training!
• Lightly padded waistbelt for extra comfort
• Small pocket for necessities such as keys, money, tissues, etc.
• Made of lightweight, heavy-duty Packcloth

Price: $36.00
Color: Royal, Burgundy, Red, Tan

Award-winning Fanny Pack

Water Sprite Fanny Pack

Mule Bag


  • For the toy-size (up to 8 lb) little dog who wants to stay close to you at all times!
  • Wear with strap diagonally across your chest
  • Large main compartment closes with Velcro® pieces for easy stashing and quick opening
  • Long shoulder strap has padded section for comfort
  • Flat pocket on front without closure, for keys, tickets, maps or guides, etc.
  • Mesh water-bottle pocket, or good for cell-phone
  • Fits a mid-sized person
  • Packcloth material with web accents

Price: $85.00
Color: Black, Grey, Royal, Teal, Natural, Burgundy

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